Closet Ideas That Will Organize Your Space in Style

closet storage ideas

Closets, at times, become a place we stuff and clutter with clothes or messy storage we don’t want to look at. The problem with that is we still see it! Every dang day. A disorganized closet is a huge stressor for many of us. Creating a clean and cute closet will make getting ready every day more calm. These closet design ideas will help you create the closet of your dreams!

How to Design a Closet

  • Designate a specific purpose (clothing, storage. etc).
  • Choose a layout that maximizes space.
  • Decide on a budget. How much are you willing to invest in your DIY closet design?

Closet Organizer Ideas You’ll Love

Maximize Your Vertical Space

Try increasing your floor to ceiling storage as much as possible. One of our favorite clothes organizer ideas is to install a double rack. Place your shirts and dress on the top shelf and folded pants on the bottom. This is a great way to get the most out of your closet!

Keep Floors Clear

Minimize clutter by keeping the floors surrounding the closet clear of unnecessary nick nacks and furniture. This will allow you to easily slide the doors open and create a sense of calm.

Colour Gradient

A beautiful design approach is to coordinate the colors in your closet. You can do this in the order of the rainbow or break it up by tones. This will also assist you in choosing the best palette for your outfits!

Add a Seating Area

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a large walk-in closet, adding a stool or chair is a great way to fill the space and relax as you pick out a stunning outfit.

Add a Rug

Another one of our walk-in closet design ideas is to add a rug. This cozy option will give your closet a warm and inviting feel. It will also keep your feet warm in there!

Jewelry Hangers

Your jewelry and outfit are made to complement each other, so why not put them in the same space? Add a built-in or standing jewelry hanger to help keep your stunning gems and chains organized. This custom closet idea will also be super visually pleasing!

Add an Island Dresser

Another addition to our larger bedroom closet design ideas is incorporating a centered dresser in the middle. This is great for items like sweaters, socks, and underwear. Items that won’t wrinkle and can be folded easily. It will also look epic in your massive closet! A perfect built-in closet idea.

Shoe Rack

Shoes are many people’s favorite shopping obsession! If you have a lot of shoes, they should be displayed in a place where they can be appreciated. Install a large set of shelves and organize your shoes by color. We guarantee it will look amazing!

Mirror Magic

You will want to see your outfit in all of its glory before you head out of the door. That’s why having a mirror in your closet is essential! If you have a smaller closet, go for a mirror attached to the back for the closet door. This will conserve space. Just keep it open as you get ready. If your closet is larger, consider installing it inside.

Vintage Hangers

closet organizer ideas

Hang up your clothing on hangers that suit your style. There are many options in delicate styles and a variety of colors. You can also opt for classic wooden hangers for a clean look. This is a huge upgrade compared to the average cheap plastic ones.


Lighting in a closet is super important. You won’t be able to assess your clothing or storage without it. If you are feeling fancy, install a stunning chandelier in the center of your closet. This lighting fixture is one of the most elegant bedroom closet ideas.

Pod Lights

These simple light fixtures are great for smaller closets. They can be installed on any wall inside.

Sensory Lights

One of the ultimate cool closet ideas is to add motion sensor lighting. Your closet will light up beautifully every time you walk in.

Pretty Hamper

closet design ideas

Invest in an attractive looking hamper for your dirty laundry. You can find ones with patterns, lids, and cool colors in a variety of sizes. This hamper will help with the organization.

Iron It Out

Getting wrinkles out of clothing is essential for a clean look. If you have space, consider installing a pull out ironing board. This will keep all your closing needs in one place and make getting ready easy.

Use Deep Drawers

The deeper the drawer the better the closet. Opting for deeper set drawers will keep things tidy. This is one of many great closet storage ideas.

Bypass Doors

If you are struggling with access, try installing bypass doors. They are an amazing closet remodel idea for tight spaces. These doors are an easy DIY. What a score!

Tuck as Much Away as Possible

If you have the option, but as many items behind closed doors as possible. This includes everything from clothing, to irons and even vanities. Your space will look super chic and clean with the use of this tip!


A great way to see your outfits from the outside is by using a mannequin. Set up your favorite outfits daily! This will also make for a stunning accent in your space.

Scarf Hanger

A great place to place your scarves is in your closet. You can easily purchase hangers that hold multiple scarves in rings. It will also look super cute!

Utility Room

Your cleaning supplies and tools to need a place to thrive, like your clothes. This space doesn’t need to feel dark and gloomy. Try using two mirrored shelves for tidy storage with a place to hang a broom in the center. This is also a great place to store towels and toilet paper. This useful closet will make cleaning and handy work easy! You will love this closet storage idea!

Closet Overflow

If you don’t have enough space, don’t fret! We have some great options for you. Try one of our closet shelving ideas. Install a wall shelf and display the prettiest items that didn’t make it to the closet. This could mean a nice stack of tees, a purse, or your favorite shoes. If this still isn’t enough, try under bed drawers.


The decoration is key in making a closet more fun! Try these closet decorating ideas. Incorporate pictures, posters, artwork, small trays for jewelry, and perfume. You can even decorate your clothing or shoes. Add a pop of color with paint. Use fairy lights. The options are endless!

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