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easy do it yourself christmas wreaths

Day by day, the magic of Christmas is gently approaching; the night prevails over the day earlier, the freezing cold of the winter period creeps inside our homes, snow begins to fall on the roofs of the houses. What wonderful moments to enjoy being warm at home by the fireplace.

In this article, we're going to give you several DIY Christmas wreath ideas to keep you busy on those long, rainy Sundays in winter. Nothing is more beautiful than pretty, homemade decorations to send the Spleen away in the exciting anticipation of future family reunions. We will present you with different easy to make Christmas wreaths for a magical family holiday.

The tradition of the Christmas wreath goes back a long time. In Roman times, it was symbolic of the Renaissance of the Sun, helping to go through the hard days of winter. It is for these reasons that even today; Christmas wreaths are generally very abundant in the fir leaves of which they are made of. With the arrival of Christianity, this symbol endured incorporating four Christmas candles to represent the Advent weeks, which are the weeks preceding the birth of Christ.

The popularization of the Christmas holidays has continued this tradition of Christmas wreaths as a sign of a warm and family meeting. As a result, the Christmas wreath is now an essential element of this holiday that we hang on the doors to symbolize the welcoming of our guests into our house.

This is why we are going to invite you to discover how to make a Christmas wreath to spoil your Christmas guests with the kindest attention as soon as they arrive to celebrate these precious family times. We will propose to you different inspirations for making a Christmas wreath from classical, reusable, and modern.

DIY Wreath Christmas: The Base

easy to make christmas wreaths

Before we get into decorating inspirations, there is a different way to succeed homemade Christmas wreaths. Our first tip would consist of having a strong and particle base for your Christmas decoration. There is a different way to build the base of your Christmas wreath but if you want to have a simple, efficient, and inexpensive way, we recommend that you use an old hanger lying around in one of your closets.

You just have to restructure it in the shape of a circle. With this trick, you won't even need to find a solution to hang your Christmas Wreath anymore because it will be directly integrated from the upper part of the hanger. This solution is the best for an easy Christmas wreath base that will survive through the outside wind caressing your door during winter.

Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths: The Plant

diy wreath christmas

One of the most important steps in making your own Christmas wreath is to choose the best plants to use for your decoration. Regarding the plants to use to make your Christmas wreath, we recommend twigs of fragrant leaves such as conifer or even lavender. You can also use aromatic leaves like bay leaf, thyme, or even rosemary. This will allow you to add a function to your Christmas wreath, that of scenting your entryway. On top of that, these are plants that are known to survive the cold and freezing winter weather of Christmas time.

Classical Christmas Wreath

Our first decoration inspiration for your Christmas wreath is a classic design that takes up the kitsch codes and colors of this magical period. As a first step, we advise you to make a rather abundant mix of fir leaves that you can decorate with several Christmas balls. Add a pretty red ribbon to the top of the circle to make hanging the Christmas wreath easier. We advise you to stay on traditional Christmas colors with red, gold, and green.

If you want to go a little less kitsch, you can also add, for example, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices to have a decoration that will perfume your entry. Another alternative would be to use leaves from the fresh bays lives which will give a more understated and elegant ambiance to your entryway combined with old antique bells hung with rustic string from the Christmas wreath.

Reusable Christmas Wreath

making your own Christmas wreath

If you are looking to have an elegant, ecological and simple Christmas wreath, we are going to present you with several ideas for making a reusable Christmas wreath. This way, you can concoct a Christmas wreath that you can bring out in the following years.

Our first decorating tip would be to use only Christmas balls because this will give a magical atmosphere and a practical side to the decoration. To do this, use a polystyrene circle and pins to be able to hang your balls on the founding structure. You can then use your imagination to create Christmas wonders that will last you forever.

For example, for an original touch, think about varying the colors as well as the size of the Christmas balls that you have selected. You can also think about adding Christmas balls in the shape of stars or incorporating fairy lights to put stars in the eyes of your guests as soon as they arrive with a warm and welcoming Christmas wreath.

Modern Style Christmas Wreath

To be able to perform a modern Christmas wreath which breaks the kitsch decorative codes of Christmas, we advise you to stay sober. For example, you can combine a simple circle of wire with some leaves of fir and bread thorn on the base of your circle.

You can incorporate a small candle frame inside for a simple and elegant modern Christmas wreath. If you're missing a little extra Christmas touch, add a nicely tied gold ribbon for the festive pop of color. To achieve a modern vibe, remember to keep it simple and understated to impress your guests in a unique way.

Another way on how to make a Xmas wreath that looks modern and elegant, a set of wooden rods that you tie in a circle shape. For a pure and distinguished atmosphere, you can add some holly stems which will decorate your Christmas wreath with these pretty red fruits. To add an aspect of texture, you can also think of hanging with holly a cotton swab that recalls the beauty of snowflakes.

In this article, we propose to you our best tips for easy do it yourself Christmas wreaths. By following our inspirations, you’ll manage to make a welcoming and warm Christmas wreath to invite your favorite guest to discover your house.

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