Christmas Candle Wreath - Your Atmosphere of Warmth and Homeliness for the Holidays

Christmas Candle Wreath

Face it! Children and adults alike, we're all looking forward to the holidays.

And as a rule, there is no better remedy for winter moping than the comfort of home and the right decorations in the house. It is always easy to give an atmosphere of comfort with the warm glow of candles in your home. Observing the safety rules, candles can be placed anywhere you want. For example, on the stairs they can create a sense of fairy tale and light magic, and on the windowsill provide reliable protection from sadness and attract a good mood throughout the cold weather. Ordinary candles may create a holiday on their own, but a properly chosen candle ring wreath is a very important detail that can complement your interior and bring a special charm to the idea of the whole decor.

But first, let's dig a little deeper into history and find out a little more about the origins of the traditional use of the Christmas wreath with candles.

History of the Origins of the Christmas Wreath

There are several popular stories about the origin of the wreath:.

  • The first version mentions how pagans still wove wreaths made from the evergreen branches of conifers.
  • The second, more truthful version talks about the German theologian Johannes

Wichern. His pupils, whom he took from poor families, lived with him in his house.

History of the Christmas Wreath

The children were always asking Johann when Christmas was coming. Eventually he grew weary of such inquiries.

He took a wooden wheel and decorated it with four large white candles and nineteen small red ones to stop them pestering him.

On a weekday, one small candle was lit, but as soon as the resurrection came, a bigger one was lit. When there was only one white candle left on the wheel, the children realised that it was Christmas the next day.

In this way Johann was able to spare himself questions about the coming of the holiday and brightened the children's anticipation. Over time, the tradition of decorating homes with Christmas wreaths spread around the world.

The Symbolism of the Wreath Decoration

Symbolism of the Wreath Decoration

Candles and bells have long been used to decorate Christmas wreaths.

Each ornament carries its own meaning. A wreath decorated with candles is like an Advent calendar.

One candle was lit each Sunday, so they started to be lit four weeks before the holiday. Every family knows that the days before Christmas bring with them the joy of preparing for the holiday.

  • On the first Sunday, the Prophecy Candle is lit. It symbolizes the coming of the Saviour to earth in the hearts of people through faith. At the end of the day, the candle is extinguished and left.
  • On the second Sunday, the first and second Bethlehem Candles are lit. It signifies the arrival of the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary.
  • On the third Sunday, the Shepherds' Candle is added. It tells how the shepherds saw the Saviour with their own eyes and believed.
  • On the last day, the fourth Angel Candle is lit. On this day, the Saviour comes down with all the angels to take all the faithful people with him to heaven.

A traditional Christmas wreath with candles could simply be made and placed on the table. But it is an important symbol of joy and faith.

Whether with or without candles, the Christmas wreath had a special meaning and could be hung on a door or simply on the wall.

The round shape of the wreath signifies endless life.

From pretty exotic plants to rustic, plain twig rings, we have christmas candle rings and centerpiece ideas for any of your rooms and interior styles. Explore all of our ideas and you can show off your special candle ring decorations to your loved ones that won't leave anyone indifferent.

Top 10 Christmas Candle Rings for all Tastes

  1. Faux Pine And Dark Berry Candle Ring
Faux Pine And Dark Berry Candle Ring


This decorative Candle Ring is made of natural pine fresh from the forest. Your guests are sure to love it, and you'll enjoy the enchanting ambiance of the house for a long time to come.

  1. Ivory Holiday Winter Berry Candle Ring
Ivory Holiday Winter Berry Candle Ring


This Candle Ring, though rustic, is subtle and elegant. The magic is provided by the pine cones and charming white berries, which not only look good, but also provide a light fragrance.

  1. Iced Pine Candle Xmas Ring
Iced Pine Candle Xmas Ring


Your Christmas composition is complete and vibrant with this expressive Christmas taper candle Ring with three large cones and snowdrop.

  1. Silver/Light Gold Pinecone Candle Ring
Silver/Light Gold Pinecone Candle Ring


Elegantly shiny, yet utterly exquisite, a white Candle Ring made of all sorts of balls looks to shimmer under the flame of your candle even more. Create your own homemade glow.

  1. Red/White/Green Frost Candle Ring
Red/White/Green Frost Candle Ring


Perfect for candles, these simple candle garland rings give the table a natural red hue with elements of snowy winter. Sequins, glass beads and sprinkled snowballs in a holly Candle Ring are never superfluous.

  1. Diameter Glitter Champagne Christmas Candle Wreath Ring
Diameter Glitter Champagne Christmas Candle Wreath Ring


Don't be afraid to go a little overboard with luxury! There's never too much of it. Coated in a rich, champagne-colored sheen, this Champagne gold candle ring adds sparkle to any setting in your home.

  1. Three Posts Christmas Candle Wreath
Three Posts Christmas Candle Wreath


This Three Posts candle ring is overflowing with Christmas holiday cheer, complete with pine cones, golden berries and pine needles.

Feeling the magic of Christmastime?

  1. Natural Candle Ring
Natural Candle Ring


Enjoy your favorite plants year-round with this pine, eucalyptus and succulent greenery Candle Ring. Preserved greenery all winter long, it adds a softness to your holiday decor. Perfectly paired with Christmas wreath candle holders, these natural winter candle rings are reminiscent of the greenery of a winter forest. You can also add some flowers and make for example poinsettia candle rings.

  1. Berry Candle Ring Holder
Berry Candle Ring Holder


A stunningly beautiful pine cone and berry tumbler candle holder would make a chic addition to your table. This Christmas Candle Ring is easy to store and reuse as it never withers and lasts for years to come!

  1. Cedar Candle Ring Holder
Cedar Candle Ring Holder


This classic 3-candle Ring is guaranteed to create a fun and joyful celebration for everyone in your family.

A decorative candle wreath is sure to become your favorite centerpiece in the home. But perhaps you can't find the right one for you in a regular store. That's not a problem. You can always make such Christmas candlestick rings yourself.

Christmas Mood with DIY Ideas

Christmas Mood DIY Ideas

To create a unique Christmas table setting, add some artificial pine greenery, berries and red ribbons. All of these can be purchased at craft stores. For a touch of elegance, also add clear orbs to the christmas candle rings wreaths and scatter them around.

Ideas abound, but how do you make a win-win and versatile option that everyone enjoys? We suggest you decorate your home for the holidays and make a candle wreath with your own hands. So, let's get started!

You need:

  • cardboard
  • hay
  • cones
  • berries and ribbons
  • 4 pillar candles with candlesticks

From the tools take scissors, glue gun, wire, a small brush and paint (gold or silver), artificial snow.

Step by step instructions:

  • First we make the base of the seasonal candle ring. From cardboard cut a circle with a diameter of 20 cm, inside it cut a hole with a diameter of 15 cm. To the resulting blank begin to attach the hay, step by step wrapping wire or fishing line. If your wire is thin, wrap it around twice. Using your wire cutters, snip the wire at this point, and then wrap your floral tape around it, creating a ring. First we go through one side of the circle, then the back.
  • To the blank of cardboard attach the hay on both sides
  • Cut the grasses that protrude. The base for our wreath is ready.
  • Now we fix the decoration. Visually divide the workpiece into 4 equal parts, determine the place of the pillar candles. Warm up a glue gun and glue the candlesticks, if there are no candlestick decorations, then just leave room to set candles. Then we glue the ribbons and berries evenly around the christmas candle ring.
  • We paint and fix cones. Choose the necessary quantity of cones. For the outer circle we choose the bigger ones, for the inside - the smaller ones. We decorate cones according to your taste with paint and artificial snow, and dry them. Then use a glue gun to glue cones in a circle to the outside and inside of the workpiece. Gradually pass both circles, and glue the cones around the decor already attached.
  • At the end, place the candles in special holders or glue directly to the wreath. If you want, you can cover the whole wreath with artificial snow or glitter.

Voila! Your holiday candle wreath is ready!

Hurry up to let a holiday into your house! Light candles, admire, invite friends!

Other Possible Centerpieces Ideas for Your Holiday Decor

Centerpieces Ideas for Holiday

Depending on the type and atmosphere of the event, there are many different options for you.

Take note and be inspired!

  • Flowers and Sticks

This eye-catching centerpiece of flowers and wands add a magical character to the room. The composition always looks great in any season.

  • Short Brightly Colored Flowers

Such a composition with warm candles is perfect for a holiday or winter event, where the whole family is gathered and nothing will distract you from the holiday.

  • Tall Vases with Light-Colored Flowers

White or any other light colored flowers give the room an elegant look and can easily be combined to match your unique decor. Try it and see for yourself.

  • Flowers and Bottles

This is an easy DIY option. Find clear glass bottles and line them with fabric or paper. Then add seasonal flowers and voila! This is perfect for any event.

  • Floating candles

This may not be a new idea, but the way you arrange them and what you add to the centerpiece can make it more original. Try using several different sized glasses, and feel free to get creative with Christmas decorations and glitter.

  • Minimalism

Any small arrangement is always relevant. It looks great against a homemade tablecloth and never gets boring.

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