Choosing the Perfect Bath-Tube – Why You Have to Do It Offline Only

convenient bath tube

For most people, the bathroom is truly a place of rest, solitude and complete relaxation. And they are divided into two camps – shower and bath. By fact, the main criteria for selection are comfort (bathtub) and practicality (shower).

Since the bathtub is about comfort, we have to be smart about choosing a bathtub, considering all the nuances. Of course, I don't think you can do it offline, sitting at your computer.

Many questions arise at once: Нow to pick a bathtub? What to consider? How to install? Which material? And another one.

Don’t panic! We have gathered all the necessary information and compiled a bathtub buying guide that will make your process as easy as possible.

Size and Style

the size of bath-tube

It will logically start with the size and shape of your future bathtub. Of course, the main factor affecting the choice of size and shape of the bowl is the size of the bathroom. In a modest bathroom, you will have to place an oversized structure, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to stay and move in the room.


It should be noted that the dimensions of a rectangular bowl are defined by standards: lengths can be 1,500, 1,700, or 1,800 mm, widths can be 700, 800, and 850 mm, and height can be 650 mm. Don’t choose a bathtub with high sides or on high legs for those who have children or elderly people in the family.

In the most comfortable bath, a person is in a semi lying position, stretching his legs. The width of the bowl should be such that the distance from the body to the sides is 5-7 cm on each side. Pay attention to the depth of the bath. The smaller the length, the deeper the bath should be (comfortable enough - length from 1.5 m and height from 0.7 m.)

Bathtub Styles

the best material for bath-tube

Today, we have a huge choice - in the bathroom can be installed not only the standard models, but also angular, oval, round, and they can be placed near the walls and in the middle of the room. Manufacturers offer bath lovers a variety of solutions - from classic to High-tech, from romantic bowls in the style of "art Nouveau" to extravagant bathtubs by famous designers. Don’t forget that the monotonous white color has been replaced by the widest range of colors, allowing you to choose a bathtub for any particular interior.

When you have chosen the size and style of the model, move on to another, even more, important item - the choice of bathtub material.

Cast-Iron Bath as a Tribute to Tradition

fancy and stylish bath-tube

Cast-iron models are in consistently high demand despite their considerable weight (be sure, a bathroom like this won't budge) and have a very rich look. It perfectly retains heat, the water in the bowl cools down for a long time, which is important for fans of long swims. In addition, the coating should be cleaned regularly, otherwise, it will be covered with yellowish plaque. Let's notice that cast iron - a material not plastic, to find a cast-iron model for a bathroom of the intricate form will not turn out. And one more plus - they're durable.

Ironically and Budget

bath-tube in the bathroom

Plus: it is lightweight and available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Not as fastidious in care as an acrylic bath and has a sufficiently high safety margin.

The disadvantages: low thermal and acoustic insulation, necessity to create supports when installing the product in the bathroom.

Striking Innovation – Acrylic Bathtub

bath-tube or shower

It is this variant that has covered all the shortcomings of the previous comrades. A variety of shapes and sizes, relatively low weight with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Modern technologies in the production of acrylic bathtubs guarantee a high coefficient of strength and allow you to maintain an excellent appearance for a long time.

Acrylic baths can be equipped with different kinds of options: aero- and hydro-massage, automatic overflow, and others.

Unfortunately, the main obstacle to the purchase is the high price. Another disadvantage of acrylic baths is the huge number of fakes. In addition, it is not recommended to clean them with hard brushes or use aggressive cleaning implements.

Something Special

More recently, another bath material was invented. It's made from a compound of acrylic and quartz. Unlike acrylic bathtubs, which are placed on reinforcing frames, these models are reliable by themselves. They don’t deform over time and, importantly, they retain their magnificent pristine appearance over the years.

The undisputed advantages of such models, which are so appreciated by bath lovers, are their excellent sound insulation and the ability to maintain high water temperatures.

But, we can't say yet that the catchy, yet incredibly practical models from the quarrel are available for everybody.

For connoisseurs of ecological materials, there are wooden, concrete, and marble bathtubs.

For example, the wooden bathtub is sufficiently durable and aesthetically pleasing. But it’s important to know that this bathtub should not be left without water for a long time, as it can collapse. You shouldn’t bathe animals or wash things in such a bath, as the wood will deteriorate due to the tiniest particles and impregnate with harmful substances, which can have a negative impact on human health.

If you are in love with Loft and want to create an author's form bathtub, the concrete bathtub is the best for you. There are a lot of videos on the Internet about how you can make them with your own hands.

The Next Selection Criteria for the Bathtubs Is a Type

There are a huge number of different proportions of bath shapes: from classic rectangular baths to the most creative, custom-made, you can choose any style. The main types are as follows:

  • round
  • oval
  • rectangular
  • square
  • corner

In the overwhelming majority of small apartments, it is the various rectangular baths.

Corner bathtubs have been gaining in popularity: they are much more compact and above the small rectangular baths, and can easily solve the problem of lack of space.

The oval or round bathtubs are suitable for those who have a large bathroom, as such a bowl should be free-standing and long.

Your choice depends on what you want, and the location in the bathroom.

Very often you can hear the next advice: you only need to choose a bath from top manufacturers. It's hard to disagree with that. There are both European, American, and Chinese manufacturers that have proven themselves.

Here are some of the famous bathtub brands.

Popular among Americans - Avano, Jacuzzi, Kohler, Mirabelle; European brands – Ravak, Cersanit, Jacob DeLafon, Riho, etc.

Remember, no one but you can choose exactly what you want. Therefore, when choosing, first of all, be guided by one's own budget - even among inexpensive offers, one can choose a worthy option.

The appearance of the bathtub is important - its color must be uniform and the same across the entire surface. Divorces and stains are evidence of counterfeiting. It is better to refuse such a purchase, even if the seller offers a good discount - the stains are unlikely to get rid of. Don't miss the moment to look, feel, smell all the options by yourself!

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