Choosing the Carpet: Shape, Size, Material, and Color

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There are carpets in almost every house. You can't surprise anyone with an ordinary carpet these days unless it would be different in size, shape, or color. Previously, not everyone could afford a rug in their house. It was a symbol of luxury. The best materials were used to make rugs and people made them by hand (which makes them even more valuable).

For centuries, people not only walked on the rugs but have draped them on the wall as a decoration. People considered such an object of the interior as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The citizens of China, India, and Pakistan are very proud of their craftsmanship in carpet making. They carefully preserve and honor the traditions of their manufacture which are transmitted from generation to generation.

Now it is routine for us: carpets cover the floors in the living room, rooms, and bathrooms and lie in front of the door. Many people think that they are of no use and collect a lot of dust. But that’s not entirely true. Dust accumulates on anything and everywhere.

What Are the Functions and Benefits of Carpeting?

  • A room with a carpet looks cozier.
  • Soundproofing.
  • It will be easier for you to remove dust from a rug than from a bare surface.
  • The carpets will normalize the level of humidity in your apartment and you will feel much warmer with it in winter.
  • Foot massage. Wool carpets can gently massage your feet when you walk on them.

What Materials Are Used in Making Carpets?

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  • Silk is a very thin, soft, and shiny material that is obtained from the silkworm cocoon. It takes 2 million knots to create a 1 square meter of silk carpet. Silk carpets are very colorful, beautiful, and also are not electrified. It is better not to place them in an office, hallway, or in places where people often pass by.
  • Woolen carpets are highly valued for their durability. It is easy to clean them and they retain their original appearance for a long time. Carpets that are made from the wool of high mountain sheep have the highest quality. Also, very often people use the wool of camels, llamas, and angora goats. The age of the animal, their habitat, and quality of nutrition are the nuances that affect the condition of the wool cover.
  • Cotton is a cheaper fiber that is obtained from a plant with the same name (cotton). It is most often combined with other materials because it does not stretch well but it keeps its shape perfectly. Cotton rugs are also very soft and have a pleasant touch.
  • Viscose, or artificial silk. Viscose carpets are light and thin, they are also strong and long-lasting; they don't lose their properties for a long time.
  • Bamboo, algae, and jute. These materials are very strong (identical on both sides) therefore they are often taken as the basis of the carpet mixed with the fibers of animals.
  • There are models of carpets that are made from whole pieces of animal skin or from their parts which can make one and a big carpet. A fur rug is an expensive thing and is often used as a decorative element.
  • The most popular artificial material for rugs is nylon. Nylon carpets have many different bright shades, their durable and colorful fibers are very popular among buyers. It is also known for its fire fighting ability.

Rug Shapes

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Depending on the size of the room there are small (from 3 square meters), medium (from 3 to 6 square meters), and large carpets area rugs for the living room (from 6 square meters).

Basically, the width of all carpets is the same (about 3.6 m). And they have a shape of a square. When you measure the perimeter of the future carpet don’t forget to take into account the guests who will sit on the sofa - their feet should be on the carpet.

The range of rug ideas is very large. You can choose a rug in the form of a tree or of the sun, whatever you want. But such unusual rugs will suit those people who are not going to change the interior of their home for a long time. In another case, a rug in the form of a red heart can hardly be called a universal object.

If you don’t know how to pick a rug for your home or room, we suggest you read the advice of French designer Charles Olivier.

  • The color or pattern of the rug should have a similar range as the interior and furniture in the room.
  • The style of the interior is your main benchmark in choosing the color of the carpet. You'd better look at classic or modern models.
  • If you need a rug for a large room, you can visually combine 2 or 3 carpets into one. You can also divide a room into separate zones by choosing different rugs.
  • When you choose the rug you should be taken into consideration the properties of each material: wool, viscose, silk or bamboo look differently under various light sources.

Whichever rug you choose the most important thing is to take good care of it, as a result, it can go on functioning for many years.

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