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On the 4th of May, the whole world celebrates Renewal Day. If you want to change your life - start with your surrounding, as the psychologists say. Sometimes we cannot even imagine how little simple changes can improve our living space. One thing if you have decided to implement radical changes into your interior. And completely another one – to bring little touches, that will change the general impression. So, here are some suggestions from designers, which have been formed by their long-year hard work.

  • Use different types of lighting. Organize the secondary lighting, which works only in certain zones or can be used according to the mood.
  • Plaid can bring an interesting accent into your living-room – put it carelessly on the side of the coach.
  • When the wardrobe is lighted up from inside it can be not only more convenient but more stylish as well.
  • Mirrors make the space looking bigger. A big mirror in the fancy frame is good not only for the corridor but also for the living room.
  • Use the same flooring all over the apartment – it looks more harmonious and brings the feeling of a bigger space.
  • One more way to make the room visually bigger – to place something round in the middle of it. It can be a table or carpet.
  • There are three things in the house that you cannot save money on: windows, flooring, and sanitary engineering.
  • Plan the coloring scheme before you implement any changes.
  • The furniture made of glass brings the feeling of free space. Besides, it will always look trendy.
  • The camera helps to determine all the gaps in your room. Take a picture of it and you will see all the things that need to be improved.
  • Furniture of the same color made of different materials looks really interesting and unusual.
  • Most of the time we do not use corners in the rooms. Different shelves and cabinets can be put there in order to use space rationally.
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