The Combination of Architecture and Nature in One Greenhouse Casa Organica

casa organica

Casa Organica is a fantastic invention that could unite architecture and nature. The building is located in Naucalpan in Mexico. The designer of the interior is Mexican architect Javier Senosiain. The man could create the real miracle. There is even a built-in slide that gives you the opportunity to transform into the garden. The creation resembles the famous sculpture of Jacques Couëlle in Provence Mouans-Sartoux, which has similar curves and round interiors.

The home reminds a cave. And it seems that man took his inspiration not only from the Earth but somewhere from the universe beyond our planet. The whole home has a look at the objects that were found in the galaxy. It imitates the wild animals' habitations and first variants of dwelling improvement.

From the outside, the house has a green, blue, and orange facade. It blends into the background. And only windows and panels demonstrate the living space. From the top of the building, opens the great panoramic view of the city.

The combination of neutral tones and lush greenery creates an amazing impression of the piece of art. The living room has a big sofa that snakes around the area and a special Mexican designer`s Pedro Friedberg`s golden hand chair. There is also the raw-like coffee table and one more interesting thing- a woven swing seat that floats above the coach. The other rooms are decorated with ceilings and carpets in neutral tones too. Some crevices allow keeping books, like a bookshelf. The rest area is equipped with brown leather seating.

The owners of the unique residence have been living there for about 25 years. The placement is the perfect variant for everyone who appreciates the moment of privacy with nature. To keep your physical and mental health, relax from the city noise and vanity, delve into creativity, there are a lot of variants of pastimes.

And what can you tell about such an interesting home? Do you want to live in this accommodation? Leave your comments below!

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