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Why do we spend that much time while choosing the color for our interiors?

Psychologists say that color can affect our mood, condition, and even health. The hue actually sets up the whole mode of the space, that’s why it is so important. For example, yellow is good for the rooms, where people often get together and spend a lot of time, as it helps to build up relaxed and frank communication. Violet is the cast of creativity and imagination, so it is perfect to be used in the working space. Green is usually used in stressed environments, as it has the ability to calm down and to relax.

So, the color is really the thing that only the owner can choose up to his tastes and feeling.

But What about the Trends? Which Color Is the Fanciest This Season?

Let’s start with the general recommendation of the designers. They say, that the background must be pale and neutral, and the color spectrum must be created by furniture, textile, and details. But nowadays it is very popular to add intensive colors to the walls and floor. In this case, you have to balance it with quiet neutral details.

Those Are the Hues, That You Can Use This Season for Your Interiors and Be in Trend

  • Black is always elegant, noble, and popular. Looks the best on the big details – massive chandeliers, furniture, carpets, and kitchen equipment.
  • Electric-blue is proclaimed a king-color of this year. If you use this hue for textile accents, you will get a deep, relaxing, and cooling environment.
  • Emerald-green is usually used for decorating kitchen furniture, cushioned furniture, and pillows. Green velvet is extremely popular now and looks great in a big environment, adding a fresh hint into the interior.
  • Wild berries create fantastic combinations with black, terracotta, and yellow. Is good for eccentric and extraordinary people.
  • Bleached coral looks very noble and classic and is great to be used in small rooms to create a neutral background. Can be combined with almost any color because of its naturality.

And always remember, that your well-being must be the main criterion while choosing the color for your living space. Fashion is changeable, so follow up you’re your taste and preferences.

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