Brick Wallpaper in the Modern Interior

brick wallpaper kitchen

Brick wallpaper is one of the most favorite ways to create an accent wall for many world designers. Especially those designers who like to use wallpaper who work in the loft, hi-tech, fusion, country, or minimalist styles.

The brick wall looks very stylish in any of the above-mentioned interior designs. But despite this, many people think that such walls look very rough and not attractive, even though it is wallpaper. But the wallpaper wasn't always.

In the middle of the last century, the tendency to decorate the walls with bricks arose out of the remodeling of industrial premises for an apartment. Previously, people wanted to save on materials so they just clean up the walls that they received when buying an apartment. But over time, people began to understand and use this "industrial" ethics in their interiors more and more frequently.

Modern appliances and furniture look very unusual in the background of an old-fashioned or perfectly white brick wall. Many people value bricks and other materials that imitate them for quality and authenticity. They refuse to use faux brick wallpaper textured as a cheap alternative. Possibly or most probably these people haven’t seen how the quality and style of brick wallpaper has changed. For every taste and budget!

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Natural Bricks?

  • Firstly, it is expensive and the process of laying bricks takes a long time (more than one or two days). You also need to monitor the quality of the work by the master and carefully select the brick producers. Such work can only be done by a professional with experience. Since only a master can line up in rows and straight angles.
  • Also, the brickwork has the property of narrowing the space. If you own a small apartment, it is better to choose brick wallpaper. Natural stone is good for those who have a spacious house with large windows and high ceilings.
  • Real bricks are very heavy. Accordingly, it will load the walls and their weight pressing down on the supporting slabs.
  • Dismantling a brick is a laborious and complicated process. We mean that if you want to make repairs and change the wall lining, you will face the problem of removing large quantities of demolition waste and the process of removing bricks can deform the walls.

If You Will Decline, What Are the Alternatives?

brick textured wallpaper
  • Paper brick wallpaper (the cheapest, greenest, safest alternative);
  • Vinyl (they imitate the brick pattern very clearly and have a long service life). But they are better used in places with good ventilation.
  • Vlies base wallpaper (textured and structural). This material best conveys the texture of the brick. It breathable and masks defects on the wall.
  • 3-D brick wallpaper for walls has a very high image quality. It is easy to wash and it can visually correct the defects of a room or in other words make it larger and spacious.

How to Choose Brick Wallpapers for Different Interior Styles?

fake brick wallpaper

Let’s Start with the Loft

The most popular colors for wall decoration are red (or brown), beige and dark. Red or brown shade of brick wallpaper can convey the atmosphere of a cozy attic. And light (beige) shades will add heat and can soften the brutal interior.

Scandinavian Style

It is known for its white and natural surfaces. Accentuated wall with beige or grayish brick wallpaper in combination with wooden flooring is the perfect solution for Scandinavian style interiors.


Perfectly white or slightly yellowish brick wallpaper will look great in addition to other pastel shades (blue, green or yellow). Also, brick wallpapers such as vinyl with an eye-catching texture will ideally convey the ambiance of the village house.

How to Combine Them?

You will agree that an apartment that is completely covered with brick wallpaper will look like a garage or attic. So it would be better to combine the brick wallpaper with ordinary (monotonous) paper wallpaper or, as we said before, you can create an accent wall.

The brick pattern looks good in the interior of any room: kitchen, bedroom, living room, or in a child’s room. Everyone who wants to decorate his apartment with a stylish brick pattern can find their shade and texture.

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