The Best Compilation of 5 Books for a Coffee Table To Read in the Period of Holidays

Books for Coffee Table for Holidays

The literature that takes place in people's homes can tell a lot about the owners. About how much it is important to choose the right books, read below!

The books for a coffee table are specially created not to hide somewhere on the shelves but to proudly display them. And we prepared an awesome list of books exclusively for the holidays.

The first one is Scott Mitchell Houses that will get the unique atmosphere to your home. The book of the famous Scott Mitchel contains a portfolio of designer`s projects. All the information is unknown till the book appears in your arms. The eight pivotal projects of the world artists are described there. The edition will be appreciated by lovers of architecture and interiors.

The second one is Chanel #5. It is the official exploration of the story of the iconic perfume. The author, Pauline Dreyfus published it to the great celebration of the item. Every woman will probably like the book.

The Art of Cake is the illustrated history of cakes from the whole world, The designer is Alice Oehr. The interesting stories about the creation of every dessert will capture you with the fantastic flavor and view.

The other one is Splendor of Marble. It is the first edition that shows how many different ways you can involve the stone in your house. The author Karen Pearse described it in detail.

And the last one is You`re Invited: Classic, Elegant Entertaining. The book was written by the talented Stephanie Booth. Reading it you will learn how to make the best original entertaining for your home parties.

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