Boho Living Room Ideas

Minimalism, Scandinavian style, hi-tech, or loft are those styles of interior design that are characterized by the absence of unnecessary things, comfort, and functional furniture.

They are based on the principles of environmental friendliness and reasonable use of living space. In other words, all of the above styles are suitable for perfectionists who love simplicity and restraint.

Today we decided to look for the exact opposite of harmony and neatness. Such a style is rife with a creative mess, where you can find and arrange everything that you like and not think about what anyone else says.

The name of this style in full compliance with its interior features – Bohemian (Boho) style.

Historical Background

bohemian design

Bohemia is a city in the Czech Republic, where large families of Gypsies. The term "bohemian” appeared from the name of this ancient town. This style of creative, artistic, and free people. The word "freedom" means that a person is free to surround and decorate themselves (their home) as they want and how they like.

I mean, there are no rules for representatives of the boho style. The inhabitants of the ancient city didn’t stay long in one place, they often moved from one place to another. In respect of such a way of life, they were surrounded by a variety of cultures, things, and people. Among their things, you could find everything from different parts of the world.

Features of Bohemian Style

bohemian wall decor
  • So, at least this style doesn’t provide any rules but you should choose the motive of one nationality, for example, Eastern, European or Asian. Otherwise, you risk turning your apartment into universe chaos.
  • You are not limited in the number and variety of decorative elements. Statues, silk, and fringe, heavy fabric curtains, souvenirs, and paintings are all that you have made in your life. Each element reflects your character or reminds you of the pleasant/important events of life.

The Bohemian style is often credited with the hippie subculture. And this means that your interior should not be dark colors. Only the contrast and bright accents.

Bohemian Living Room

boho room ideas

Let's start with the main components of the apartment: walls, floor, and ceiling.

Everyone, who wants to turn its living room into the center of bohemian culture, may combine shabby parquet from natural wood, and you may decorate the ceiling with luxurious stucco.

You can whiten or paint the ceiling and use it as a background for original chandeliers and garlands. If you have live leads and other communication, you do not need to think about how to hide or camouflage them. Use all this as an addition to your living room decor.

The walls are your canvas and you are an artist. Perhaps, you have long looked at the voluminous strip wallpaper and imagined how you will complement it with an accent wall of burgundy color. No problem, you can translate it into reality.

If you are a fan of oriental motifs or feng shui then photo wallpapers with different patterns, symbols will complement your individual style. Natural carpets on the walls will also perfectly complement the bohemian interior.

The use of natural materials is the main rule of the Bohemian style which you should follow. You will agree that metal parts, plastic or linoleum will dilute a ridiculously modern bohemian living room.

Bohemian Color Palette

Colors can be anyone you like. There are only two nuances:

  • It is better if you use natural colors that can be seen on vegetables, fruits, berries, or different plants. These can be shades of raspberry, cherry, acacia tree bark, etc.
  • You don’t have to paint walls or floors in all the colors of the rainbow, just concentrate on decorative objects, cushions, or curtains.

Decor Elements and Textiles

No one style doesn’t provide for the use of a large number of different plaids, pillows, blankets, curtains, and curtains.

The fabrics that will perfectly decorate a bohemian living room: leather, silk, fur, fringe, velvet, satin, velour.

In the modern world of design, there are different directions of bohemian style interior design that make it more restrained and it has its own rules of design. For example, there are some of them:

  • Classic boho.
  • Luxury boho.
  • Glamorous boho.
  • Ecological boho.
  • Boho hippies.
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