Houses with Black Facades Are Gradually Finding More and More Admirers around the World

black modern homes

Craving for the perfect shape and absolute perfection, then with black houses not so simple.


The black color instantly distinguishes the image from its environment – it doesn’t matter whether it's urban or suburban.

This is shocking or non-conformism: after all, black in the mass consciousness is not the color that can be used in large quantities for the interior and exterior of the dark house.


Black houses are actually pretenders.

Since under the black shell, snow-white ones are often hidden or, on the contrary, bright, or even completely sheathed with natural wood. And only in a children's horror story in an all-black house, black-black rooms.


Black houses do not always chase a unique futuristic form.

It may well be an explosive mixture of classic and modern. Or just a renovated old house, the façade of which was repainted black. Or a wooden hut, which does not want a wooden one outside, and therefore turns black. Or a loft, which is so black to face.

Various materials can be used to create an attractive facade: they can differ in cost, quality, appearance (have a smooth or embossed surface). It is very important to choose the right shades of the coating. Today, modern materials are presented in a large assortment of colors. Please note that pastel colors are most often used for work, as they visually make the building several times larger, giving it a special charm and comfort. But there are also styles that involve the exploitation of a black facade. Usually, these are design houses made in the original style. Consider the features of the use of a black facade, how to choose the right finish, what styles it is suitable for, how to correctly combine the color scheme.

Blackhouse Exterior

The presented option of black victorian house exterior decoration must be used very carefully, as it can create a gloomy appearance of the building. The black surface with a glossy finish looks beautiful and stylish. This solution is perfect for working with the exterior of buildings made in a modern direction. Another important disadvantage of operation is color fading due to constant exposure to sunlight. The homes painted black facade will become a little lighter in a few years, it may acquire a dirty, unpleasant shade. That is why you need to choose materials for outdoor decoration that cope well with ultraviolet rays. The best solution for an original color scheme is to use vinyl panels. They practically do not lend themselves to influence, while you can choose various options for the design of the black brick homes. It is best not to use paint, as the surface will be very hot, the painted coating will quickly crack.

For Which Directions It Is Suitable

black brick homes

As already mentioned, the use of a house painted black is an unusual solution, therefore, before using it, you need to find out what kind of exterior styles this solution is suitable for. So, modern designers suggest paying attention to the following designs:


The most common direction for the design of a dark, black ranch house. Please note that it is not necessary to combine it with other shades; it is very important to choose decorative surface elements and correctly arrange the backyard territory. The matte version of the exterior finish will look beautiful;


This style is used not only for interior decoration but also for the exterior. It should be noted that this option also involves the use of a white color scheme. Two opposing colors will create an incredible room look. The operation of the glossy coating is also encouraged, it will make the house less dark and gloomy;

High tech

In terms of black house exterior trends design, such a solution is very similar to the previous option. It is also characterized by the use of dark surfaces in conjunction with a white palette. Please note that the house must be kept in clear geometric shapes. Only in this case, the dark color scheme will emphasize the given direction.

The backyard area should also emphasize the exterior of the black painted house. Today, landscape design also has various styles, directions that perfectly interact with the black color scheme.

Recently, the Gothic style has been in great demand. Various unusual sculptures located near the house are used for it. It is best to place them around the perimeter of the building, emphasizing the direction of the exterior.

Why Does Black Look So Attractive?

dark houses

It's all about the environment. The beautiful black house seems to be pierced by a natural background of dark greenery, spring foliage, orange lace in autumn, and white in spring. And how beautiful the skyscraper is against the background of clouds and blue sky!

Black is a practical color. And the point here is not only the non-staining of the surface, the resistance of dark pigments to ultraviolet light, but also the ability to accumulate heat, which is not bad if you take into account the savings on thermal insulation. Even the poorest winter sunbeam is converted into heat. In the summer, however, you will have to take care of additional ventilation.

Artificial wood preservation according to black townhouse design is gaining popularity in construction. The wood is almost charred, which protects it from destruction for many years. Houses made of this material look intriguing.

And finally, the last argument in favor of black exterior homes. Psychologists say that in a world littered with information, monochrome, like old black-and-white photographs, is easier to perceive. Consciousness manages to focus on black and "read" the architecture of the house without straining the eyes and brain. If your plans include a major overhaul of the facade of the building, do not forget about black.

The contrast with the surroundings makes the subject stand out and laconic. This emphasizes all the architectural solutions of black modern homes.

The simplicity of color emphasizes attention to detail. The perfect choice for minimalist designs.

In conditions of a shortage of sunny days, this color absorbs heat best. Don't forget to put solar panels on the roof.

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