Black Hardware Can Perfectly Visually Expand the Space and Refresh Your Kitchen

black kitchen cabinet hardware

The black color in the interior seems to many too gloomy and certainly not suitable for the kitchen. However, this is not entirely true - a dark typeface can be a great design. In spacious rooms and studio apartments, this solution looks modern and respectable; If the cooking area is small, you can always choose a combined model, in which the charcoal luster is complemented by white, wooden, steel elements. With a conscious approach to renovation, the black kitchen compares favorably with standard design options, reflecting the confidence and courage of the owners.

Characteristics and Features of the Black Hardware Shade:

  • Since black helps to visually reduce the space, in the design of a small kitchen it is used fragmentarily in the form of black kitchen hardware.
  • Dark tones visually move objects away, thereby deepening or lengthening the room.
  • A black kitchen cabinet hardware will look much better if combined with a living room or with a walk-through.
  • This palette creates a calm and balanced atmosphere that is perfect for self-motivated and self-sufficient people with high status and for those who prefer original black kitchen cabinet handles design experiments.
  • In psychology, matte black hardware has a positive effect on the human psyche, motivates creativity, and allows you to concentrate.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to use matte black cabinet hardware as a base background in the interior of the kitchen, as this will upset the balance of the elements of fire and water. It is better to use this color scheme partially or choose the most muted shades.

Black Hardware Furniture and Appliances

black kitchen pulls

For an active black kitchen cabinet pulls, appliances, and furniture with the most restrained silhouettes and simple shapes are selected.

Black Kitchen Set

The dark cabinet hardware set will look advantageous in a studio kitchen with black cabinet hardware combined with a guest room, a corridor, or a balcony. In such a space, this furniture looks more impressive and visually attracts attention.

Dark facades clearly emphasize the geometry of the room and are in perfect harmony with light finishes, gilding, or marble countertops. The set can have a varnish, glossy or matte surface with a pronounced wood texture. The black design is sometimes used partially, only for the bottom or top of the structure.

Lunch Group

The flat black kitchen hardware can be decorated with black knobs on white cabinets, dining tables or only dark chairs. The traditional solution will be a dining area with a table and stools made of the same materials.

A spacious room can easily accommodate a sofa or a couch, and for a small kitchen, a compact seating area with a small and narrow sofa is suitable.


The extractor hood, black kitchen knobs and pulls, stove, and refrigerator of a cold steel shade will truly transform the surrounding space and add some seriousness to it.


black kitchen cabinet pulls

Thanks to high-quality and well-chosen finishes, it turns out not only beautiful but also durable black kitchen pulls renovation.

  • Walls. Black walls create the perfect backdrop that adds clarity and visual distance to objects. Thus, in a small room in Khrushchev, you can arrange one dark accent plane and thereby visually increase the space. For finishing, choose a painting, wallpaper, or photo wallpaper with silver or marble patterns.
  • Floor. The black kitchen with wood on the floor, faced with parquet, laminate, or board has an elegant and at the same time simple look. An excellent solution for the kitchen is black and white tiles laid out in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Ceiling. In a room with light frames or with a wall decoration with vertical ornaments, it is appropriate to use a glossy black ceiling with built-in lighting.
  • Apron. The apron zone, decorated with bricks, mosaics, or hog tiles to match the color of the headset, will unite the design and endow it with uniqueness. Natural masonry or its imitation will become a chic finishing material. A fairly common and modern version of cladding is considered to be skinned from glass.

Lighting and Decor

In this interior, you should carefully consider artificial lighting in the form of spotlights, built-in lamps or one large central chandelier in black cabinet pulls.

For black kitchen handles, it is advisable to select warm yellowish lighting. It is not recommended installing red, green, and blue lighting, as it will make the room uncomfortable. A crystal chandelier or a lamp with crystal pendants will help to fill the atmosphere with glamor and shine.

Chrome decor, ceramics, copper dishes, glass, porcelain, and gilded accessories will look very stylish in the design.

Particular fragility and sophistication will fill the space with details in the form of crystal wine glasses, candlesticks, or vases. The dark and gloomy design can be diluted with blue pepperpots, a bright red teapot, or other small household appliances.

Photo of a Kitchen in Different Styles

black kitchen handles

In modern style, the headsets mostly have smooth rectangular fronts without handles. In the manufacture of countertops, natural or artificial stone is used, less often solid wood. Black furniture like black kitchen drawer pulls is favorably complemented by monochrome white, gray, or beige finishes.

With a dark finish, the classic wood kitchen unit looks even more luxurious. In contrast, the facades are decorated with patina, carvings, or accents of white, silver, and gold. Expensive tiles or marble are preferred as interior cladding.

In a loft-style, night-colored facades in combination with aged brick and gray concrete will surely attract attention. For industrial design, matte models with a prominent woody texture are perfect.

High-tech assumes a minimalistic, clear, functional interior without unnecessary decorative details. The furnishings have simple silhouettes, smooth textures, and high-quality fittings. Items are mostly made of plastic, metal, or glass.

White Kitchen with Black Hardware

matte black hardware

A restrained white cabinet with brass hardware, strict and noble contrasting combination with white kitchen brass hardware will appeal to those who prefer laconicism and the presence of expressive forms and lines in design like white cabinets with black hardware.

Red and Black Interior

Red is most often the dominant one, and black is used to further emphasize the chic fire color scheme and give the atmosphere a special sophistication and exclusivity.

black kitchen drawer pulls

Gray and Black Kitchen Design

It is favorably combined with gray cabinets with black hardware, which are used in the execution of stainless steel sinks, refrigerators, ovens, or other household appliances with steel cases. Dark facades for visual volume can be decorated with flat black kitchen hardware, framed by an aluminum profile.

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