Bio-Fireplace in the Interior

fireplace in the modern interior

Show me the person who doesn't want to have his own country house. There are very few. What do you imagine when you think about the interior of this house? Of course, it's a fireplace! It's the main attribute of a warm and homely atmosphere. There are many kinds of fireplaces. The ones we're used to seeing are large brick wall fireplaces, grilles, stands, and log boxes.

Each Indoor Fire Pit Should Consist Of

  • furnace (a place of fuel-burning)
  • smoke collector (located above the furnace, its purpose is to smoothly move the smoke into the chimney)
  • chimney (a pipe designed for draught and removal of combustion products).

All of these sound very complicated and not attractive, doesn't it? Even the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S warns that such fireplaces are harmful to human health (you may like the smell of smoke but there's nothing good about it). Many people are afraid to set fireplaces because of the open fire. There are different situations.

Let me introduce you to a worthy alternative: it is called a bio-fireplace. And if you have been long dreaming about such a home and safe interior element, then that's exactly what you need.

It will look good not only in the classic interior style but also in a minimalist or hi-tech. And on top of that, it can be installed anywhere: in the bedroom, on the balcony, living room, and terrace. Bio-fireplace is a very simple technical wonder which doesn’t require much physical effort and extra care.

What Is the Bio-Fireplace Made Up Of?

bio ethanol burner
  • Burner.
  • It has a function that can stop the fuel supply. If you or one of your guests turn over the bio-fireplace, this function will reduce the risk of fire.

The main advantages

  • Smoke and odor-free.
  • Very compact and mobile (can be installed anywhere and carried if needed).
  • It is possible to use different aromatic and essential oils (there is a special compartment for this in the bio-fireplace).
  • Freedom of choice of materials from which it is possible to make a fireplace: glass, stone, metal.

Varieties of Bio-Fireplaces

Built-in bio-fireplaces (floor and hinged models). Can be installed in a specially arranged niche or you can order a separate designer pedestal.

If you have an interior in a loft, art nouveau, high-tech style, you can order an elegant glass cube for your bio-fireplace. This will prevent foreign objects from entering the fire.

Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace

  • Triangle-shaped (such an unusual fireplace can be installed either in the center of the room or in a corner).
  • Bio-fireplace with two rectangular sides (it can be used for zoning the room.
  • Round and oval bio-fireplace (the most unusual species, suitable for any type of interior, especially for an open-plan house).

But if you're a fan of classics, you're free to install a bio-fireplace in the same style as the one with logs and smoke.

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