Best Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink

wheelchair sink bathroom

People in wheelchairs often encounter difficulties in carrying out the small daily tasks which seem to us acquired. With the evolution of our society and new, more inclusive inventions, there are home furnishings that make everyday life easier for people with disabilities. For example, today we now find adapted cars or even stair ramps that facilitate their access to independence and their inclusion in corporate activities.

However, the interior of their home is one of the most important places to help with settling in to foster their independence and mental well-being. Indeed, because requiring permanent help can be a complicated situation that alters self-esteem and can even be a source of anxiety. In this text, we will show you how to arrange your bathroom so that it is easy and convenient for people in a wheelchair.

Indeed, the bathroom is a place in which it is important to be able to maintain a feeling of privacy without necessarily having to resort to outside help. This is why we are going to present you with several options to be able to build wheelchair accessible bathroom sinks. You will find the best wheelchair-accessible bathroom sink advice on how to choose the shape and the material. You will also find out how much space is needed for wheelchair accessibility and the setting of it.

Several different elements must be taken into account for handicap accessible bathroom sink such as the necessary space, its shape as well as its material. If you want to have precise information on how the norms of wheelchair accessible bathroom sink, you can consult the proposed standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which have standardized the necessary measures.

The Space for an Accessible Bathroom Sink

wheelchair accessible sink bathroom

One of the most important things to consider is the space around the sink for easy access. Remember to leave a space below the sink so that the wheels of the chair can slide in and the person can with their arms close enough to turn on the faucet. The sufficient and recommended space for this effect is 70 cm high, 30 cm deep, and 60 cm wide. This will allow people with disabilities to easily access tap water.

Another type of space to consider is the height at which it is recommended to put the sink. The washbasin must be placed at a maximum height of 85 cm from a higher surface, which prevents the washbasin from being too high.

It is essential that these dimensions, which may vary depending on the country, are respected so that your bathroom has a wheelchair bathroom sink. Do not hesitate to call in a specialized person before the complete installation of your sink.

The Shape of Your Wheelchair Sink Bathroom

handicap accessible bathroom sinks

Regarding the form, there are several elements that can allow the disabled person to facilitate their access to the sink. Rather rounded sinks should be favored to facilitate access to water. Also, remember to favor sinks with fairly thin front edges. It will also be of additional help.

In addition, you can easily find some sink on the step that incorporates handles next to the towel bar which would help the person to step forward or backward to the desired distance. This adds comfort that allows for faster access to the sink.

The Material for Accessible Bathroom Sinks

wheelchair bathroom sink

The material you choose for your handicap accessible bathroom sinks will also have an impact on the mobility of those affected. Ceramic is the most common material to ensure the functionality of its sinks. In addition, it is a material that is very easy to maintain which is also an element to take into consideration. The other option recognized on the market is the use of synthetic resin. The advantage of this comes from its malleability, which allows you to various shapes, sizes, and even colors. Thanks to this, you will be able to have a sink made to measure that meets your expectations.

In case you are more looking for a sturdy sink, we recommend that you consider using specialized stainless-steel sinks. This material is often used for public sinks, which gives them remarkable resistance.

The Setting

To ensure the longevity and safety of wheelchair accessible sink bathroom sinks that are typically hung directly from the wall, it is important that it is reinforced. Indeed, these specialized sinks are often relatively heavy. Two options are available to you, or you choose to install your sink on load-bearing and sufficiently robust walls. Either you can also line your wall with a partition to reinforce the whole.

In this article, we have shared our best wheelchair accessible bathroom sink advice with you. By taking into consideration space, the form, the material, and the setting of it. For a design touch, you can also add a wheelchair-accessible bathroom sink vanity for example.

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