Wallpaper for Office Space and Your Main Decision in Favour of Success and Productivity

Wallpaper for Office Space

It's no secret that working from home has become our reality these days. Absolutely everyone, employers and employees alike, are adapting to new ways of doing work during quarantine conditions and a series of lockdowns. Many companies have moved or are moving to work from home in anticipation of an improving situation. To ensure productivity and efficiency, it is highly recommended that you decorate your work area at home with wallpaper so that your home office disposes you to work productively in a cozy space.

But before choosing any wallpaper, be sure to take a closer look at the options and learn more about what you want to create around your workplace. Choosing the wrong wallpaper for a home office can be distracting while choosing the right color and pattern of wallpaper can help you focus on your tasks and do all your work well. Read on to learn more about wallpaper in the home office! And also get inspired by our best office wallpaper ideas for your successful design.

The Type of Home Office

Home Office ideas

When choosing home office wallpaper, consider the size and shape of the space around your home office.

If the space is open, like a studio kitchen, then you need to think in more detail. Choose everything according to the already established color scheme. Choose a wallpaper that matches the existing design. A home office in an open space requires a more careful approach to choosing wallpaper.

And if the home office is located in a completely separate room it gives more freedom to design. Since having a door separates the room from the rest of the house, you can easily design your office from scratch.

Tips for Сhoosing Home Office Wallpaper

It's not enough to just choose your favorite color or pattern. You should definitely understand what your office can be used for and what kind of work you do in your workplace. This helps guide you in choosing colors and patterns of work-appropriate wallpaper.

  • Creative Office

With more creative work, you may want your furnishings to reflect your imagination and creativity. In that case, bolder colors and fun patterns are a great choice – something that reflects your personality and innovative mind!

  • Workspace for Kids

If your workspace is primarily for children, you need a wallpaper for the office that is durable and can stand the test of time. This means that wallpaper features should be just as important as color and pattern. Look for wallpaper that can be washed and cleaned. It's also best to stay away from more fragile materials, such as grasscloth.

  • Traditional Home Offices

A traditional office should be a reflection of your style and work ethic. With this type of work, one of the main goals is to create an environment in which you feel comfortable working.

Best Home Office Wallpaper Color

It's a big deal. Color affects our mood, whether we realize it or not. Let's break down examples of colors for your workspace design option.

White and Gray

Stay away from too much white. White does not stimulate emotions, it is quite calm and creates a sterile environment that makes the workplace look boring and neutral. Similarly, excessive use of gray in a home office can trigger negative emotions. If you are interested in using softer colors, our advice is to add a bright color somewhere so that the color palette is not too monotonous or boring.

Burgundy and Purple

Bordeaux and purple are the most preferred colors for interiors, with girls preferring purple wallpaper for study a little more often.


The human eye perceives green most easily, so it's a great choice for any room. If you work long hours in an office, it's best to use a color that can’t quickly tire you out. Green gives you an invigorating feeling!


Blue is known for its calming properties. It can also promote productivity, so creative office wallpaper in this color is perfect for work that requires meeting deadlines!

Yellow and Orange

While children may not like yellow and orange very much, these two colors are perfect for adult workspaces. These colors of wallpaper for office walls evoke a sense of enthusiasm and optimism and are a good choice for creative workspaces.


For more practical work, red is great because it stimulates the senses and creates a high-energy environment. However, it's not the best choice if most of your work requires a quiet atmosphere or if you're in the office for long periods of time.

Top Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home Office

Now that we've got all the details figured out, here are some great wallpaper options for your home office space! For each kind of home office wallpaper inspiration, we've added some tips on how to use this correctly.

White Uneven Faux Tiles Wallpaper

White Uneven Faux Tiles Wallpaper


Faux Wallpaper murals are always a trendy choice, and this mural helps make a subtle statement in your home office with a fresh, clean atmosphere. This pattern is the perfect combination of light and shadow – creating an uneven tile effect that looks like it could fall right off the wall! Tiling this white cool wallpaper for the office, whether it's the entire room or just one wall, can easily bring everything up to date.

Lush Thriving Leaves Mural Wallpaper

Lush Thriving Leaves Mural Wallpaper


A Mural of lush green blooming leaves creates a refreshing nature-themed wallpaper. This botanical pattern enlivens your home office, making the space bright, full of energy, and letting your imagination flow with juices. Thus, this fun office wallpaper pattern is perfect for decorating the space in front of your desk or work area.

Electric Teal Textured Faux Metallic Concrete Wallpaper

Electric Teal Textured Faux Metallic Concrete Wallpaper


This faux-Textured wallpaper uses layered color and texture to create a realistic concrete wall. Splashes of metallic give this pattern a modern feel, making it a great staircase and office space wallpaper option.

Bright Red Enchanting Forest Wallpaper

Bright Red Enchanting Forest Wallpaper


Recharge your work time with this office room Wallpaper with a simple floral design featuring a gorgeous, whimsical landscape of twisted trees. Sleek, metallic-coated leaves and branches peek out from the wall, and the elegantly weathered background creates great depth. This design is perfect for glamorous and metallic powder room wallpaper.

It's sure to catch the attention of everyone in the room. While the bold red colors may be too exciting for a workspace, this interior office wallpaper has a slightly muted tone that is offset by the white tones.

Charcoal Bold Palms Wallpaper

Charcoal Bold Palms Wallpaper


This botanical nature modern office wallpaper features bold illustrated palm trees that form a fun bohemian pattern. The simplicity of the Palms pattern and the texture of the canvas make this wallpaper a great modern wallpaper for a spacious home office.

Warm Sunset Grey Tropical Mosaic Wallpaper

Warm Sunset Grey Tropical Mosaic Wallpaper


This trendy California-style wallpaper for an office with a Mosaic geometric pattern and tropical depictions of needle palm leaves is perfect for workspaces geared toward creative endeavors. The mosaic effect of the strong leaf pattern and soft leaf silhouette makes this pattern suitable for those who want their workspace to reflect their personality and innovative style.

Take it step by step and use our guide! When choosing wallpaper for your home office, keep color and pattern in mind.

Wallpaper for an office room with a rich, intricate pattern may be too distracting for some people, while others may like having it in the office. In other words, the wallpaper pattern is more of a personal choice.

On the other hand, color has a deeper psychological impact because of its emotional qualities. It's not enough to just choose an office wallcovering of your favorite color. Understanding how color affects productivity levels is crucial when decorating a home office or workspace. The type of work we do often influences what colors are best for our workspace, and the wrong color choices can make us unproductive and uninspiring.Both the color and pattern of the wallpaper should make sense in conjunction with the purpose or type of home office you are creating. We hope this article has given you some home office wallpaper ideas on how to design your space to maximize your productivity!

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