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perfect neutral paint colors

One of the human abilities related to sight is color perception. Although this perception may seem trivial in our daily life, colors affect the way we perceive the world around us. For example, several theorists have noted that the perception of colors can be associated with different emotions and even memories.

Therefore, the choice of colors is one of the essential elements for interior design because it directly influences our behavior and our well-being. It had been noted by researcher Jean-Gabriel Causse that the color pink would help soothe, green would promote balance and blue would strengthen concentration. In this article, we will help you know how to choose the top neutral paint colors to have a designer interior while promoting your well-being.

What are neutral interior paint colors?

trending neutral paint colors

In the field of interior decoration, neutral colors are colors that will serve as a basis for the bedroom. They will allow bringing finesse and will allow bringing a binding effect between the different panels of colors that you will use afterward. It is a backdrop that allows the pieces to blend and standardize.

These are usually colors that are rather muted and light. However, they are essential for the harmonization of the decoration. They may vary depending on interior design styles. For example, a more modern style will use rawer neutral colors than a more bohemian style which will go on warmer neutral colors.

Thus, the best neutral paint colors are composed of a set of tones that will allow to vary the calm and warm atmospheres while adding a touch of dynamism. They have the main advantages of being able to match all colors and that is why their use is essential. Not only do they match with all colors, but they also accentuate the contrast between different colors to give them power and maturity.

In addition, good neutral paint colors are timeless, which means that they can stay the same in case you want to change the atmosphere of your interior design. However, you must remain vigilant when choosing them because the brightness greatly varies the perception of neutral colors.

Indeed, if you find a beautiful neutral color in the store, that doesn't mean it will give you the same impression when applied at home. Therefore, it is essential to establish a test phase with the brightness that is present in your home before making any decisions. It will help you to find the perfect neutral paint colors for your interior design.

In the rest of this article, we will present you with how to choose the trending neutral paint colors to create a unique atmosphere in your house.

Most popular neutral paint colors

neutral paint colors for dining room

If you are looking for neutral room color ideas, it is always essential to go through the classics before you can discover more contemporary styles. One of the most popular neutral colors in interior design is white, often faded on cream.

This neutral color for walls is one of the most used to bring out more flea market and retro atmospheres. At the same time, it allows us to bring out the authenticity of antique styles while enhancing the elegance of period furniture and decoration.

One of the second most used colors as neutral colors is taupe. It is often recognized for its relaxing and restful virtues. If you are looking for an indoor atmosphere where you can rest when you come back from your long working days, the mole will be your ally. It will allow you a zen atmosphere to recharge your positive energies.

How to integrate a contemporary atmosphere?

neutral room color ideas

If you want to integrate a contemporary atmosphere instead, gray will be your neutral color. Grey is renowned for bringing the industrial and minimalist side so valued in contemporary decoration. It can easily be alternated with a very bright white which will accentuate the raw and urban look of grey. You can also vary your gray tones for example by using a more metallic gray which will bring out the refined contrasts and minimal elegance of the contemporary style.

Regardless of which neutral color appeals to you the most, we advise you to create a color palette to see how they match and accentuate the sense of unity in your rooms. Another way to break the codes and precisely to vary different neutral colors and not have just one. For this, it is important that your different neutral colors remain in the same tone panel.

For example, you could go with a neutral color such as taupe and combine it with other neutral colors such as pink and lavender purple that stay in the same color line. You can also use this principle and vary your color panels depending on the rooms. For example, you could use a gray for neutral paint colors for the living room and integrate a blue-gray background for your neutral paint color for bedrooms. Why not add to that a green-gray background for your neutral paint colors for a dining room to accentuate these variations.

In this text, we have made you discover everything you need to know about neutral colors to help you choose the ones that suit you. Now all you have to do is choose the one that will match the contrasts you desire for your interior design.

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