A Marble Coffee Table Has Never Fitted More Perfectly and Harmoniously Than Now

Marble Coffee Table trend

Marble always impresses the public and reminds them of eternity. Products made from this material combine the cultures of different times. So you could certainly use a little marble in your home. What about the popular marble coffee table? It's a topical option for modern homes and one of the most comfortable and functional items in the home.

Still can't believe it? And let us tell you everything you need to know about marble and come up with a list of the best marble coffee tables for every taste.

A Little about Marble

Marble is formed naturally, more often from limestone or dolomite. This material is perfectly polished, and it is possible to make it both matt and glossy. Marble is very resistant to damage and adapts easily. The material is also elegant and never gets old. It can complement any trendy, luxurious space.

Thanks to the fact that marble is quite easy to carve, it was used to make not only majestic sculptures, but also common and functional things: chairs, vases, fireplaces, stairs, and, of course, all kinds of tables!

Marble Coffee Tables

As you know, the most common use of marble is for marble coffee or marble foyer tables. A large number of companies make a bespoke range of real marble coffee tables to suit individual tastes. The versatility and classic nature of marble allow the used marble table in a wide variety of interiors.

So what is the manufacturing process? Although craftsmen use a variety of stones, colors and shapes, preference is given to black Marquina and white Carrara, or a combination of both. The result is always impressive.

Studios and workshops experiment with new shapes and styles. And the latest design concepts are created through different ways of combining marble together or using it separately. To ensure quality and avoid the risk of cracks and tears caused by the vibration of electric tools, all the marble coffee tables are made by hand.

But if the traditional marble coffee table is intended for an outdoor space, the finish must match the weather conditions.

The Cost of a Marble Table

The value of a marble look table depends on a number of factors including its age, condition, quality, and uniqueness. The style and the size may also play a role, as these are functional pieces of furniture that need to blend in with the rest of the décor.

Age may have a significant effect on the value. Today you can still find pieces from the 1700s and 1800s. Victorian-era tables are quite common and highly prized.

Early to mid-20th-century marble coffee tables can also grace an interior with their design. You can find examples for a few hundred dollars to find something more expensive.

The materials used to make the marble living room table can also make a big difference in its value. What was original of good quality is likely to remain so for centuries to come.

Time only adds to the price of a chic piece. The condition of the table also affects its value. A small marble table that is in near-perfect condition or in great shape for its age is going to be very expensive. However, marble is a fragile material and is prone to stains, cracks, and sores. If the time has taken its toll, you can expect the price to go down. The amount of money involved depends on the extent of the damage.

Tips Before You Buy a Unique Marble Coffee Table

You should be careful when choosing a functional affordable marble coffee table for your home. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don't just look at the marble-topped table. Check the attachment of the tabletop to the base and the overall condition of the product. The base must be sturdy.
  • Look for stains, chips, and cracks on the marble, and if they are there, draw the seller's attention to the defects at once.
  • Ask in advance about the possibility of delivery. Marble can be difficult to transport, so it's better to have the courier deliver it yourself. Also, if the marble cracks or breaks, you do not lose the value of the product.

Cleaning the Table from a Genuine Marble Top Coffee Table

Cleaning Marble Coffee Table

Marble is quite durable, but there are things that can permanently ruin its finish:

  • Always make certain that you clean up any liquid spilled on the table immediately. The acids from eating food and other liquids can damage the surface permanently.
  • Placing a glass straight onto the surface of the desk can leave permanent rings on it.
  • The marble can stain easily, which is also another good reason why you should wipe up liquids that have been spilled.

Regularly wash the tabletop with lukewarm water. Always dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Wash the worktop approximately twice a year with mild dish soap and warm water. Clean it thoroughly and wipe it dry.

If stains have appeared on the marble worktop, you must treat the stain according to the type of stain. Use a soft white cloth and soak it in the suggested product. Leave it on the stain for at least an hour or up to two days.

Coffee or tea spots can be cleaned with a 20 percent hydrogen peroxide solution.

To get rid of oil, simply sprinkle it with cornstarch so that it absorbs the oil. Leave it on for 24 hours, reapply cornstarch if you need to absorb more oil. Wipe off the cornstarch and wash with a block of soap and water or a small quantity of ammonia. Wash and leave to dry.

All 3-piece marble coffee table sets are generally very durable and require very little maintenance. With basic cleaning, your modern marble coffee table can become an heirloom that lasts for centuries.

The Best Marble Tables for Every Taste

Now take a look at our selection of the best tables from Vintage marble coffee tables to Victorian marble top coffee tables. And maybe finally find something for you.

Square Marble Coffee Table

Square Marble Coffee Table


This unique Faux marble end table has a unique metal base to avoid wobbling due to uneven floors and scratches on the floor. You can also fit 4 wheels to the west elm marble coffee table so you can move it anywhere.

French Provincial Marble Top Coffee Table

French Provincial Marble Top Coffee Table


This Coffee Table adds a pleasant focal point to your space. The furniture is covered in a marble finish and has cross-shaped base legs that are characterized by clean lines and a classic design.

Modern Marble and Gold Coffee Table

Modern Marble and Gold Coffee Table


Thanks to Modern Coffee Table's unique design and optimal size, the coffee table has its place not only in the living room. It also looks particularly good in the conservatory, where it can be used as a coffee table for relaxing with friends.

Low Marble Coffee Table

Low Marble Coffee Table


Marble and wood coffee table as a family piece of furniture to be placed in the living room. It is ideal for adults and children alike to use for a variety of occasions.

Marble top side table of this type fit almost anywhere and can be adjusted in various positions: a metal bottom frame and wooden top and it is easy to move around and around the house.

Marble Slab Coffee Table with Brass Base

Marble Slab Coffee Table with Brass Base


Small Marble Coffee Table is naturally elegant. A modern fusion of metal and marble. The massive slab of opalescent white marble is sanded ultra-smooth to highlight the subtle gray veins throughout and is balanced by a sculptural base with a shiny brass finish. The base protrudes above the marble top and creates a special charm.

Marble Coffee Table with Silver Legs

Marble Coffee Table with Silver Legs

Classic old-time charm makes this Italian marble coffee table antique an attractive focal point in rooms of all styles. The beautiful marble tabletop has an intricate edge. A true example that embodies luxury, elegance, and class effortlessly blends with most decors.

Alcide Rectangular Marble Coffee Table

Alcide Rectangular Marble Coffee Table


There's a real decorative feel of a rectangle marble coffee table here. Polished black marble sits chicly on exquisite legs finished in deep gold tones. Cut to size, sanded, and polished by hand, the Alcide Rectangular Marble Coffee Table has natural white veining that adds characteristic nuance. This understated chic finish adds a tasteful touch to any room.

Smart Round Marble Coffee Table

Smart Round Marble Coffee Table


Low profile and sleek, this Smart Round Marble Brass Coffee Table rises only 12 inches above the floor and blends beautifully with any style. Fully customizable: the tabletop or base can be swapped to create a whole new design in your interior. It's a real exclusive!

Irwin White Marble Coffee Table Oval

Irwin White Marble Coffee Table Oval


Paul McCobb’s Irwin range is striking in its simplicity. Crafted in a white Marble Coffee Table Model with a solid iron bar base and leg detailing, the coffee table showcases the attention to detail and performance characteristic of classic mid-century design.

Statement Italian Marble Coffee Table

Statement Italian Marble Coffee Table


Crafted from solid marble, this rectangular marble coffee table resembles a rare vintage find with its unique silhouette and high-end materials. The Statement Marble Coffee Table suits any decor style and is completely neutral to blend in or stand out as you wish. The marble in this style has more active veining, accentuating the gorgeous natural tones that are different from the more typical black and white options.

Mid Aged Contemporary Oval Coffee Table

Mid Aged Contemporary Oval Coffee Table

Oval mid century coffee table


The unique oval shape gives the table an assumed movement. The brass-finished iron base forms clean architectural angles supporting the rounded white marble table top. This is the perfect modern oval marble table with a hint of medievalism.

Hexagon Marble Coffee Table

Hexagon Marble Coffee Table

A collection of small coffee tables inspired by honeycomb and austere shapes, to which details are added with meticulous precision. Different sizes and heights make it possible to combine and overlap to meet a wide variety of usage requirements.

The marble table blends harmoniously into any stylish interior, be it baroque, rococo, empire or modern minimalism. A natural stone table makes you feel cosy and comfortable and shows the impeccable taste of its owner. A wide range of colours and textures allows you to choose the perfect option for your home from antique marble top coffee tables to modern ones.We believe that the best marble coffee tables are the ones that appeal to you the most. So feel free to choose and decorate your home with beauty and elegance.

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