The Design Behind Stove Backsplash, the Best Tiles for the Interior

decorative tile behind a stove

Hopefully, you've already discovered a new love for cooking. As much as we all find pleasure in cooking, baking, and eating, we're sure no one enjoys the subsequent cleanup of the work surface. Whether you're an amateur cook, a seasoned chef with near-professional-level skills, or someone average, messes during cooking is inevitable. From mixtures spilled on the countertop to splatter on the stove and walls, your kitchen can go from fabulous from the cover of a magazine to chaos and mess in just one meal!

Cooking delicious meals is certainly a sign of a well-maintained kitchen, but any cook knows that a delicious dinner or bouquet comes at a price when it's time to clean up. Oil splatters and spilled sauce can do serious damage to the painted walls behind the stove, not to mention the smoky leftovers from dishes cooked in the pan! The natural solution is an attractive and easy-to-clean different tile behind the stove!

Facing the back of your stove with tile is an easy way to create an attractive focal point in your kitchen.

The options for choosing a tile design behind a stove are almost limitless, but there are a few key decisions to make before making your final choice. Which tile is easiest to wipe down? What style does your kitchen look like - do you want the same tiles to adorn the entire kitchen wall, or do you want an accent behind the stove? How do you keep beautiful tile and still make the best use of your kitchen?

We're ready to share the secrets of choosing tile behind the stove and have put together the best behind stove backsplash ideas. These are sure to be able to inspire your next kitchen remodeling project!

The Benefits of Tile on the Back of the Stove

Why is installing tile on the back wall behind the stove a wise decision to extend the life of your kitchen?

Not only is tile easy to wipe off, but it also avoids unnecessary scrubbing efforts and creates the perfect look for your kitchen décor. A well-chosen decorative tile backsplash behind the stove serves the dual function of protecting the walls from dirt and splatters while creating a distinctive look in the cooking area.

Choosing Tiles for the Back Wall Behind the Stove

There are unique aspects of kitchen areas to consider when choosing tile for the back wall behind the stove. There are many behind the stove backsplash ideas and styles that are stunningly beautiful but may require extra work to make the most appropriate for this area. You want a tile that looks good while also being resistant to all nasty surprises and at least easy to clean!

Below we give you some basic stove backsplash ideas that satisfy all your design needs while still taking all the nuances into account.

Glass Tiles

tile design behind a stove

Glass tiles are easy to wipe off after a tough cooking process, which is why they are a popular choice for kitchen design. Even if your tile behind the stove consists of several different sized glass tiles, it won't take you long to remove even the toughest stains, as the slippery smooth surface of glass requires only a damp rag to keep your tile looking like new!

When placing decorative tile behind a stove, some types of glass tiles may require extra grout space to allow the glass to expand when exposed to heat. Be sure to read the glass tile specifications carefully and consult with the manufacturer. And then you can safely proceed with the installation process.

Ceramic Tile

framed backsplash over the stove

Ceramic or even porcelain tile for the framed backsplash over the stove provides a durable, heat-resistant surface that fights the inevitable splashes of oil and sauce while offering tons of space for creative kitchen wall decor. Generally priced economically and in a myriad of styles, these tiles are one of the best low-maintenance options out there! With a ceramic backsplash surface, you won't have to worry about scrubbing tomato stains off the walls, even if you have pure white tiles.

Just find your perfect color and matching finish with this material for your kitchen!

Marble Tile

Marble Tile for kitchen

Marble tile is an attractive option for creating a beautiful back wall design behind a slab, with a durable finish that is naturally resistant to high temperatures. Agree that nothing makes quite as much of an impression as gorgeous marble and natural stone kitchen backsplashes. But don't forget that such beauty needs to be maintained and protected.

Here are some of our practical tips:

  1. The more natural the marble, the more likely it is that grease and stains will tend to get into the nooks and crannies of your cladding. It's best to choose stone tiles with a smooth surface rather than textured ones.
  2. With marble, you need to seal your tiles regularly to avoid absorbing stains, since all-natural stone tiles are porous.

In the end, it's all worth it to enjoy the sophisticated look that a stone backsplash adds to any kitchen decor! There are endless beautiful options for creating the perfect design.

Shell and Pearl Tile

Shell and Pearl Tile

Pearl shell tile has become a must-have for all modern glamorous homes! Despite its delicate and luminous glow, it is an amazingly durable tile material! This natural material is cut from the inner surface of seashells to give the mosaic tiles a pearlescent hue. They blend beautifully with marble, ceramic, and glass.

While the pearlescent surface is extremely resistant, making it a natural choice to combat heavy dishwashing after cooking, it does require some maintenance. We recommend covering your beautiful sink tiles to ensure they last as long as possible. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners to avoid damaging the surface and keep the shine as long as possible! With proper sealing and care, you can easily wipe splatter from your pearlescent tiles with a damp cloth. There are many decorative tile ideas without grout! Fewer grout lines mean even less need for scrubbing, which is another advantage. You may have to apply a small amount of grout to fill the gaps between the mosaic sheets, but otherwise, these tiles create a seamless finish.

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