Competently Thought-Out Lighting in the Bedroom Will Help Create the Right Atmosphere

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The bedroom is synonymous with tranquility and an intimate atmosphere. This is a place where you can relax after a hard day and sleep peacefully. A friendly, cozy interior can be easily created with upholstered furniture, suitable textiles, and bedroom lighting. The latter is extremely important, as proper bedroom lighting will relieve stress, keep you calm and help you cope with cold winter mornings.

Bedroom on the Cardinal Points: Features of Natural Lighting in the Room

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An important factor in the bedroom is that this room can be perfectly quiet, away from the noise of other family members and those who come outside. If possible, make sure the windows face east or north. This will give you more bedroom lights during the day, and the morning sun will help you get up, filling the space with natural energy. If you like to sleep longer, the sun entering the room may bother you, so take care of blackout curtains. Thanks to bedroom overhead lights, you can illuminate the restroom in the best way, even without paying attention to the cardinal points.

How to Arrange Lights for the Bedroom?

Before planning the bedroom lighting ideas in the bedroom, designers are advised to determine the position of the room relative to the cardinal points, as well as the role that ceiling lights for the bedroom plays for the owner of the house.

  • If the bedroom windows face north or west, the lack of mood lighting for the bedroom in the morning can disrupt the natural rhythm of human life. In order for the vigor hormone cortisol to be produced more efficiently, you need to use cold light lamps.
  • In the dark, bright bedroom lighting design is inappropriate. Warm, dim light sets you up for relaxation, as it helps the production of melatonin.
  • The number of lighting decor for bedrooms depends on what exactly the owner is going to do in the bedroom: will there be an office in it? Is there a TV planned? Do you need highlighting of individual zones?
  • There should be several switches in the bedroom: at the entrance to use the general lighting; near the bed - for reading and getting ready for bed; in the work area if needed.

How Do Arrange the Best Light Bulbs for the Bedroom?

Modern bedroom ceiling lights can do wonders. In addition to influencing the mood, it can regulate the proportions in the interior, emphasize textures and colors. Everything in the bedroom is very important. As befits an oasis of relaxation, lighting should be soothing and evocative. After all, not all mornings are perfect, and beautiful arrangements can improve your mood. So how can you skillfully organize your bedroom light? Here are some good tips.

What Kind of Lamps to Choose for the Bedroom?

The modern market is replete with a variety of lighting fixtures. Each of them is designed for specific purposes, and it will not be difficult to choose products for comfortable room lighting.

Bedside Lighting Ideas: Trendy Lamp Design

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The main preference for the bedroom interior is a designer pendant lamp. A thin and delicate lamp can hang, for example, just above the bed over the headboard or at the center point of the ceiling. Ideal light should be soft without disturbing the eyes. Luminaires with light fabric shades, such as linen or cotton, or milky glass, are ideal choices. In addition to the design of your dream luminaire, take care of a light bulb that gives a pleasant glow. Best of all are those whose light is warm and similar in color to daylight.


It is considered the most popular and most necessary electrical device for creating basic lighting. It is recommended to choose the size of the bedroom pendant lighting according to the area of ​​the room. In a small room, a multi-tiered model will be inappropriate: most likely, a disproportionate chandelier will crush psychologically. By the way, Feng Shui experts adhere to the same opinion: it is believed that a product with an abundance of various decorative elements above the bed interferes with restful sleep.

To calculate the size of the bedroom ceiling lights ideas, the designers came up with a simple formula: the length of the room is added to the width and multiplied by 10. That is, for a bedroom with 4x4 m parameters, it is recommended to buy a product with a diameter of about 80 cm.


Wall lights above the bed with a horn (a long tube on the end of which a socket is attached), giving a dim light, are usually located on either side of the bed. The optimal distance from the floor is 1.5 m. Over-bed lighting fits best in Provence and classic style. Perfect for those who like to read before bed. Sometimes they use bedroom ambient lighting in order not to turn on the general light when getting out of bed.


Designers love these inexpensive and stylish fixtures for their simplicity and functionality. They help to illuminate the desired areas by directing the beam of light using the swivel arms. Recently, spots on track guides are in vogue, which in exceptional cases can replace a chandelier. They suit most modern interiors, Scandinavian environments, and loft-style bedrooms.


Typically represented by recessed cool bedroom ceiling lights. They are chosen as an alternative to a chandelier or act as additional lighting. They can be turned on all at once or in separate groups, which means that in a matter of seconds, the degree of illumination can be adjusted, creating the desired mood.

It is necessary to decide on the number of products before installing the stretch ceiling. The minimum distance between them should be 30 cm.


Typically, an excessive amount of light in the bedroom turns the living room into an uncomfortable space, reminiscent of a shop window. Of course, if the owner of the apartment is a fan of the high-tech style, this scenario will not stop him. In other cases, it is better to maintain a balance and limit yourself to a couple of areas highlighted with floor lights for the bedroom.

LED strips are usually used like dim light for the bedroom. Its price is low, and installation does not take time and effort. If you have a TV in your bedroom, you should use the tape behind the TV to keep your eyes from straining while watching the movie.

Backlighting is indispensable when you need to highlight a particular area without cluttering the space with lamps. It can be easily combined with other types of lighting fixtures.

Lighting Options

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Let's consider how to use lighting devices in more detail, and also get acquainted with the original ideas for bright bedroom lights.

Central Lighting

The general (or central) light is represented not only by the chandelier. Modern interiors can do exclusively with spots or pendant lights on a long cord. But this approach requires professionalism.

The geometric center of the room is considered the most correct location for the chandelier. The best option is indirect, diffused space lights for the bedroom that do not hit the eyes.

Not a single one, even the brightest chandelier, can cope with the lighting of a bedroom alone: space will seem boring, uneven, textures will be blurry in the far corners of the room. That is why additional lights are needed at other levels.

Illumination of Functional Areas

The organization of local lighting requires thoughtfulness on the part of the owner of the bedroom. It is worth deciding in advance in which places you will need lamps.

The bedside area is the second most important area after central lighting. In bed, you can read books, work on a laptop, chat and get ready for bed. In addition to wall sconces, designers often use pendant small bedroom lighting ideas: spotlights and floor lamps. Table lamps are also popular - they are successfully used not only in the work area but also near the bed.

If the bedroom is supposed to store things (in a dressing room or wardrobe), you should think about lighting these areas. It will save time and nerves if two people live in a room and get up at different times of the day.

The installed dressing table is also recommended to be illuminated because natural light is not always available. Devices with soft light without shadows and contrasts should be located on both sides of the mirror at eye level. In order not to distort the complexion, you should choose white shades.


The purpose of this lighting is to brighten the bedroom and create the right atmosphere. You can highlight:

  • The ceiling, simulating the starry sky, or place the LED strip around the perimeter, visually deepening the top of the room.
  • Floor, highlighting the bed and creating the effect of a "floating" structure.
  • Walls, decorating them with a luminous composition.
  • Open furniture with shelves highlighting your favorite collections.
  • Pictures or posters, thus turning them into a work of art.

Having played with light, you can create an original, memorable, and at the same time functional interior.

Design for a Small Bedroom

When choosing bedroom lighting tips for a small bedroom, it is worth remembering the main thing: a single source of light narrows space, even more, creating dark corners, which means that you cannot neglect multi-level lighting.

Lighting options in a small bedroom are limited by space, but not by fantasy.

The scenario of bedroom ceiling lights ideas in a small bedroom is not much different from the standard recommendations. The only requirement is the absence of large chandeliers. Thanks to spotlights, flat chandeliers, and transparent shades, a cramped bedroom will look much more spacious.

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