There Are Many Design Options for Bay Windows Interior Arrangements to Realize Your Fantasies

what is a bay window

In the modern architecture of typical city houses, rectangular shapes are usually used without any complications; more room for imagination is realized in individual housing construction, where many owners often build an individual house with a bay window.

Not everyone knows what is a bow window in an apartment (house), although it is one of the most popular architectural fragments of a building in commercial and private construction, giving its facade an interesting decorative look. The room in which the bay window is located has a kind of non-standard interior that requires original design solutions for decoration.

But it is not necessary to resort to the help of designers, wanting to aesthetically decorate a room and choosing bow vs bay window, the network contains many options for placing furniture and other household items in the bay window, providing food for the independent realization of your fantasies

What Is a Bay Window, Its Varieties?

bow window

Bay Window vs Bow Window

The appearance of the term and bow window definition is associated with the Old French language and comes from the word "arquier" - an archer, a defender; in the Middle Ages, bay windows were arranged on the fortress walls to repel the attacks of attacking enemies. Archers were placed in the defensive ledges, another option for their use was the arrangement of latrines in which biowaste and sewage were sent outside the fortress walls.

In architecture, a bow window is a part of the interior protruding beyond the plane of the building, partially or completely glazed and increasing its illumination and insolation (exposure to sunlight).

Existing bay window vs bow window differ in the following features:

The Shape of the Outer Facade Surface, More Often They Are:

  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • triangular;
  • trapezoidal;
  • complex shape

Location in Height on the Facade of the Building:

  • located on separate floors;
  • installed along with the entire height of the building.

By Location on the Walls:

  • front;
  • corner.

You have already known what are bay windows, so when installing a bay window extension, two glazing options are used: in the first case, the window frame rests on a curb of standard height in accordance with building codes, with another method, glazing is made to the floor along the perimeter of the ledge.

Pros and Cons

The difference between bay and bow window ledge in individual housing construction is widely used in projects of cottage-type country houses, mansions, summer cottages, low-rise apartment buildings for several families. Houses with the use of a bay window ledge are erected from any building materials, they can be brick, block (aerated concrete, gas silicate, cinder concrete), wooden from logs or timber, frame from shields, SIP panels. You can build a one-story house with a bay window or place a ledge on all floors of a multi-storey building by making a separate roof or connecting it to the roof of an attic house into a single covering. In the case when they plan to use the attic space for living and other household purposes (workshop, study), a house with a bay window and an attic is erected, allowing to increase the illumination and area of ​​the attic.

The use of a box out windows balcony on the facade of the building has the following advantages:

  1. The area of ​​the living space is increased - furniture and other household items are placed in the niche, additional space of a complex shape allow you to allocate a separate area for rest and eating in the living room.
  2. The house from the outside takes on an original appearance, it looks much more interesting and aesthetically pleasing in terms of design than a rectangular box with smooth walls.
  3. The colonial bay window has a large area compared to conventional rectangular frames located in the same plane - this layout helps to increase the illumination in the adjoining room.
  4. The ledge is convenient from the point of view of safety and is more functional than a regular window - being in a bay window, it is convenient to observe the sidewalls of your own house and the territory of a plot of a much larger area than through a rectangular opening.
  5. A niche of an unusual shape gives a huge scope for design imagination and allows you to implement many interesting solutions for its arrangement, increasing the functionality and decorativeness of the room.
  6. The bay window in the house partially reduces the cost of the exterior decoration of the building - less plaster, paint, exterior building and finishing materials (siding, clinker, stone, brick) are used to cover and further repair the facade.

How Can a Bay Window Be Used?

what are bay windows

The device of an extended window is one of the main architectural methods that is used in individual housing construction to give a cottage, a mansion, a country house a unique and memorable look. Many options for the use and interior design of premises with bow and bay windows have been developed, located in private houses, one-, two- and three-room apartments, here are some of them:

Living Room

One of the popular options has a standard design when a semicircular sofa is placed around the perimeter of the glazing frame, and a coffee table is placed in front of it in the center. Often, the interior design is complemented by armchairs, indoor floor plants, false columns, the passage to the windows is blocked with furniture or makes it free by moving the sofa away from the window frame. For windows, light transparent curtains are taken; thick curtains are used to protect against solar radiation.


If the bay window glazing does not reach the floor, a study is arranged in the niche by installing a window sill along its entire length and using it as a desktop. A beautiful panoramic landscape outside the window will contribute to emotional release and stress relief, in order to avoid the distracting situation in the room, install sliding screens, hang curtains or make a light partition with doors. They are protected from the irritating effects of sunlight, distracting from work, by any kind of blinds, roller or Roman blinds.

Children’s Room

In the bay window, a playground for children is placed, laying a soft carpet on the floor of the hall and installing a box for storing toys. The niche has excellent illumination, so for schoolchildren, they put a regular or computer table, at which they do their homework.


If there is a beautiful view of nature from the window, they arrange a recreation area, a bedroom in a niche, placing a sofa or a bed of a suitable size there. Admiring the beautiful nature on a warm summer day and breathing in fresh air through an open window, you can have a pleasant rest with greater health benefits.


A bay window is a great place for indoor plants, which receive the maximum amount of light in it. Lovers of home plants can arrange a small winter garden in the house by placing large plantings on the floor in pots, the walls on the sides can be decorated with climbing vines.


If the bay window is located in a room with a kitchen, it is better to put a dining table in it, the view from the window and fresh air will contribute to a good appetite and uplifting mood during meals. Another popular option is to install a kitchen unit in the bay window niche where you can process food.

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