International Bath Day – History of Celebration and Unexpected Fascinating Facts

International Bath Day

What national day is October the 7th? In a world in which demands on your time are high, it is reassuring to know there is one day in the year when you can reclaim the right to relax at your leisure. Bathtub Day is more than just an excuse to while away the time as you immerse yourself in the warm waters of your bathroom; it is a day to remember and rejoice in the introduction of the bathtub in England in 1828.

History of the Bathtub

When was the bathtub invented? Plumbing systems for bathing date back to 3300 B.C. but the first bath was not invented until 1700 B.C. in Crete. Who invented the bathtub? If we talk about the modern 18th-century bathtub, the first was invented in England as early as 1828.

History of the Bathtub

Bathtubs can be freestanding in the room, built into the floor or walls. Many are made by gluing porcelain enamel onto the cast iron. This process began in the 1880s. The clawfoot tub was very popular in the late 19th century. It originated in the mid-18th century in Holland. However, once it was replaced in the second half of the 20th century by the recessed version of bathtubs, the clawfoot tub began to lose popularity.

The Benefits and Bathtub Facts

The annual bath day encourages people to immerse themselves in their bathtub and really relax. After all, is there a better way to relax? Did you know that taking a bath has many benefits?

  • A quick shower in a hurry is something we can settle for every day. International Bath Day encourages us to relax and take a break from our eternal rush.
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money or do anything extraordinary to relax. A spacious bathtub is often the perfect way to relax after a busy day. It's a day to remind you of the simple joys of life.
  • A bath can be not only enjoyable, but also good for your health. You can always improve your well-being at your leisure.
  • Taking a bath can help soothe your joints and muscles. Moving and stretching in the water has been shown to have little impact on your bones, muscles, and joints, but provides a good workout through resistance.
  • There are other benefits as well. For example, a warm bath will help the blood in your body to flow more easily, allowing you to breathe more slowly and deeply, especially when you inhale the steam. Taking a spa or hot bath can kill bacteria and boost your immune system, as well as ease the symptoms of flu and colds. Taking a bath can also help your nervous system and brain health.
  • Did you know that taking a bath can also help you breathe easier? If you immerse yourself with your head in water, it has a positive effect on your oxygen intake and lung capacity. Two factors contribute to this. These are the pressure of the water on your lungs and chest and the temperature of the water.
  • When the water is warmer, the heart beats faster. You can clear your chest and sinuses with the steam that builds up, and your oxygen intake also improves. As you can see, taking a bath provides much more than just relaxation!
  • Taking a bath has also been proven to promote heart health. While taking a bath, your core temperature becomes optimal, and you can also balance your hormones. If that's not enough, a bath cleanses and moisturize your hair, skin and eyes. Exposing yourself to fluids through a bath and steam bath provides your entire body with the moisture it needs. Since the human body is mostly made up of water, you need to make sure that you drink plenty of water. However, soaking in water is also very beneficial. This can be enhanced by adding certain salts or oils to your bath.

Just Your Celebration of the Bathtub Day

Celebration of the Bathtub Day

Choose Your Soap

Handmade or organic soaps are trending right now. You can find a recipe online to make your own soap in your desired shape with your favorite scent.

Buy Interesting Supplements

You can buy essential oils, bath salts, and bubble powders. Treat yourself to unusual bath bombs. Spend without regret on anything that makes bathtub time more enjoyable.

Soak In a Hot Bath

Finally, indulge in a hot, luxurious bath on International Bath Day! Put on your favorite music and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of your favorite tea!

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