Bamboo Furniture Provides Comfort & Coziness: The Benefits & Subtleties of Use

Bamboo Furniture

Did you know that bamboo furniture is environmentally friendly and far superior to other products in its characteristics? Do you need proof? We are ready to share with you all the details and convince you.

About the Popular Plant

The bamboo plant is technically a type of grass. It grows faster than any other plant and in almost any climate. It doesn't matter if it's tropical or cold mountainous areas. There are more than 1,000 different species of bamboo worldwide. The larger varieties look like trees and the rest are like large shrubs. Bamboo stems are always joined together and can be up to 40 meters tall.

What color is bamboo wood? Usually the color is homogenous and pale yellow to nearly white. Live bamboo that has been standing too long often gets a fungal attack, causing the wood to turn brown or black stains and spots.

Bamboo is a popular eco-friendly material in the industry due to its fast growth and other characteristics. It is a very strong and durable material, which is surprising given its delicate and delicate nature. In fact, it is one of the hardest types of wood. In addition, bamboo is resistant to insects and moisture and mechanical damage.

History of the Use of Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo Usage Options

Since ancient times, people have grown and used bamboo to make tools, furniture, and building materials.

For the first time this material was brought from Asia. And because it was associated with distant and exotic countries, bamboo instantly became a status and wealth symbol for families. Many people wanted to impress with bamboo style furniture pieces like usual wooden chairs in their homes.

In the 20th century, bamboo furniture making techniques experienced several revivals of popularity. Its ability to be both sophisticated, bohemian and casual means that it is suitable for many different interior designs. And because of all its amazing qualities, bamboo is still hugely popular.

Bamboo Usage Options

There are many uses for bamboo in the household. For instance, bamboo can be used to make many wonderful pieces of bamboo furniture set, including bamboo seating, bamboo wood table, beds, nightstands, as well as many complementary pieces such as mirror frames, decorative walls, wallpaper, and other items. Bamboo floors are also quite popular. They can give spaces a casual, natural and attractive look.

The original color of bamboo is similar to that of beech wood. The darker shades can be obtained by staining. Since it is both lightweight and strong, bamboo is a great material for blinds, curtains, and protective elements.

There is also such a thing as bamboo textiles, which are produced by a series of chemical-intensive production processes that transform raw materials into cellulose filaments from which the final fabric is made.

Advantages and Reasons for Using Bamboo in Furniture

Advantages and Reasons for Using Bamboo in Furniture


You can grow bamboo without the use of pesticides and fertilizers due to its fast growing rate and protective covering.

Durability and Flexibility

This unbelievable combination opens up many opportunities for the design and use of products. When bamboo filaments are used in furniture, such as indoor bamboo chairs.

They are easy to sit on because they are flexible enough to bend under a person's weight.

It Is Lightweight and Mobile

Quality bamboo furniture is easy to lift and move

Practicability and Comfort

Bamboo is highly breathable, smell resistant and thermally regulated. It feels soft and luxurious to the touch, providing unparalleled comfort. Bamboo design furniture can be very comfortable and less rigid than furniture made of other types of materials.

Simple Cleaning

Bamboo furnishings are very smooth due to the natural coating of oil found in its fibers, and they are easy to keep clean.

Thus, bamboo is a great choice for furniture in both untreated and treated products and textiles.

Outdoor Bamboo Furniture

Outdoor Bamboo Furniture

You can ask: “Сan bamboo furniture be outside?” or “Is bamboo good for outdoor furniture?” Most furniture made of bamboo is not recommended for outdoor use, but you can use bamboo outdoors if you are willing to give it extra care.

Choose a shady but not damp location for indoor bamboo furniture. And during the winter months, carry your bamboo indoors or protect it with a secure waterproof covering.

The Waterproofness of Bamboo

Is bamboo furniture waterproof? Bamboo has its own water-resistant flintstone layer that keeps it protected, but it is not water-resistant. The waterproof layer can deteriorate over time and usually breaks down.

Can bamboo furniture get wet? In addition, most bamboo furnishings are not treated to make them waterproof before they are sold. So when the bamboo gets too wet due to long-term exposure to high humidity or hard rain, it swells and the bamboo fibers weaken.

Taking Care of Bamboo Furniture

How to clean bamboo furniture? Cleaning bamboo products should not be difficult. However, we have highlighted a few things to keep in mind.

  • If it is outdoor, it is essential for bamboo furniture care to reduce the impact of humidity on the product.
  • If the furnishings are in a dry room and among other pieces of wood, be sure to oil them on a regular basis to prevent cracking and maintain their gloss.
  • When cleaning bamboo furniture, use a soft towel, sponge, and soapy solution. Organic or natural soap is recommended.
  • Remember that bamboo can flex and warp when it is humid, so do not sit on bamboo wooden chairs or other similar surfaces immediately after cleaning to avoid damaging it.
  • If there are cracked areas, it can easily be fixed by lightly wiping the area with fine sandpaper and then applying some wax to the damaged area. This can help restore the natural color and tone of the wood.

Matching Colors with Bamboo Wood Furniture

Matching Colors with Bamboo Wood Furniture


It is the shades of brown that are most in harmony with bamboo. They are versatile and look good in both interiors and exteriors.


Not everyone suits such a bold color, but it is not necessary to make it bright and flashy. A muted yellow color allows you to create an interior with a tranquil touch that can be enjoyed in the living room or bedroom.


That's probably your first thought when combining color with bamboo furniture. The natural wood of Chinese origin goes perfectly with the whole variety of green. It creates a soft and tranquil atmosphere of nature right in your home.


To create a cozy room-match bamboo with shades of pink. This color helps decorate the desired area and add warmth to the interior. Paired with natural shades of bamboo, your home looks modern and fresh.


Cool colors like these give the interior a calm harbor feel. But here the main thing is not to go overboard with the concentration of paint. Keep the color gentle and light, and it can help to better match the eco-friendly bamboo furniture with the overall atmosphere in the house. But consider that it is better not to use blue in combination with bamboo sunroom furniture.

Ideas for Using Bamboo Products

Relaxing in the Living Room

Using Bamboo Products Living Room

Use bamboo living room chairs in the living room. Even the original bamboo outdoor chairs can give an organic and natural feel to your living room. And in the cold season, it is a guarantee of coziness and warmth.

Natural Bathroom

Yes, even a bathroom can go well with bamboo! This is a perfect option for this area. It is as if you are transported to another continent.

A Bedroom with a Hint of Orient

The bed can have a canopy and display the special spirit of the place of origin of bamboo. You love how bamboo bed furniture makes the bedroom magical and mysterious.

Eclectic Mix

Bamboo blends well with all design styles. Therefore, even in a modern style, such furniture pieces retain their value and authenticity.

Textured Bamboo Tables and Chairs

Textured Bamboo Tables and Chairs

Both indoors and outdoors, bamboo patio chairs and tables are the ideal method to bring structure to an elegant space. And especially in contemporary design!

Beauty in Great Detail

The bamboo sofa is another organic interior piece, because it never loses its relevance! It guarantees practicality and constant comfort.

Kitchen of the Dream

Your kitchen can be filled with a variety of products made of natural material, such as a bamboo sideboard, functional cabinets or even bamboo credenza. Such a space is sure to inspire you to create wholesome, culinary masterpieces.

Bamboo In the Garden

Bamboo furniture In the Garden

Bamboo patio furniture is always a great solution. These products look harmonious in the exterior. It can be common bamboo porch furniture or any other item in the garden.

Bright Accents to Set the Mood

You can easily paint the bamboo piece in any color you like! (To do so, use the information above and see what colors would go best with the bamboo material). Your home area remains natural and organic with the use of a bamboo addition, but becomes light and bright with new paints and a fresh renovation.

No matter where and how you use the bamboo furniture, remember to take appropriate care and follow our tips on color matching in the interior. And then bamboo furniture can easily become a great environmentally friendly addition to the design of your house and last for a long period of time.

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