The First Retail Location Was Opened in Berlin by the Fashion Brand Balenciaga

Balenciaga store in Berlin

The popular fashion brand Balenciaga has opened its first shop in Charlottenberg with the idea to continue the Raw Architecture concept. The main theme of the project is the unfinished quality, the rudeness that completely contradicts the sophisticated setting of the brand. Even the furniture has the same form.

The worn leather seats spread across the entire area to give the room the age. The stains and the cracked concrete panels take place under the lowered ceiling. Outside the building has the ancient stone facade that creates the atmosphere of something really significant and majestic. The sense of beauty and mystery covers from the very beginning when you stand right in front of the shop and lasts till you sit in the car with the purchase in your hands.

Interior Balenciaga Berlin store

The creator of the brand, Cristobal has been always involved in the creation and organization process. He even sewed. And the first outfit he designed at the age of 6. And the model was his cat! Such love for art is very interesting because the man was born in an ordinary Spanish family in the village. His father was a fisherman. But not accidental! The designer`s mother worked as a seamstress, so the young boy was quickly interested in the process. At the very beginning, he just helped his mom but then the man started working with her. And by the time opening his own brand, Cristobal was an experienced craftsman.

What do you think about the new retail location? We look forward to your feedback!

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