Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

swimming pool backyard ideas

There are all types of swimming pools for all tastes and colors: indoor pools, outdoor pools, natural, traditional, contemporary, within sight of the horizon, etc. Swimming pools have been a part of the practices of our civilizations since ancient Greece. At the time, these had an Olympic and sporting aim while today they have become the personification of "Fare Niente", holidays and well-being. Whether in "Call me by your name" or in François Ozon's film "The Pool", these expanses of water are one of the places of romance par excellence. We bask in a sweat, sip cocktails, and swim naked at midnight, the swimming pool has become a real place where anything goes and where we create memorable memories, memories of youth feverish in discovering the first freedoms that will remain engraved forever. Thus, being able to install a swimming pool in your garden is to give yourself back the taste of this forgotten youth as an atmosphere of vacation and freedom that you can find at any time. But it is inevitable to have a unique place to delve more into what are the best backyard pool ideas to make your garden a Bella Vita place to bask under the warm rays of the sun. We will first present to you all the backyard ideas with buried, semi-buried or above-ground pools. What are the best swimming pool ideas for a backyard to have a memorable summer?

Pool Backyard Ideas

cool backyard pool ideas

What Types of a Backyard with Pool Design Ideas to Choose From?

Before you can really dive into decorating to choose from different pool ideas for the backyard. There are three different models of swimming pools that can be found on the market. For each of them, you can find different shapes and materials that will also vary the atmosphere of your interior decoration.

The In-Ground Swimming Pool

The in-ground swimming pool is a type of swimming pool that integrates directly into the ground. For this, it is necessary to dig a hole in it, which requires substantial work and a certain available depth. The in-ground swimming pool is one of the best swimming pool ideas for the backyard which allows real comfort and longevity. It is, therefore, one of the most popular swimming pools on the market and also because of the fact that it allows different decoration designs. For example, you can opt for a pool made in concrete for a contemporary style or in lime for a more bohemian style. If you are passionate about nature, you can for example install a wooden deck that will give a natural and clean style to your garden. Another advantage of this type of swimming pool is that it adds real estate value to your property. However, this usually requires a significant investment.

The Semi-inground Swimming Pool

A semi-inground swimming pool is a swimming pool that is halfway below ground and above ground. It is a pool that is particularly malleable and therefore ideally suited if you have difficult terrain, for example with a steep slope or large drops. Its system thus makes it possible to enhance this difference in height and make it a solid and aesthetic pool. It is important to note that in some countries, you will need to take administrative steps with your legislation to ensure that you can implement this pool in your garden. In addition, the emerging part of the pool adds a very clean and clean design to your garden which can be in different materials. One of the most popular at the moment is to use concrete to play between a very raw design in opposition to the natural side of your garden, for a real style inspired by Corbusier. It involves certain administrative procedures and also brings real estate added value to your land.

pool backyard design ideas

The Above-Ground Pool

The above-ground pool is probably the easiest pool on the market, the cheapest, and the fastest to install. If you are too impatient to finally have your pool in the backyard and don't want to invest too much, the above-ground pool is the best swimming pool backyard idea. Plus, if you're in a rented property, you can easily set it up for a while and then take it on board with you if you move. It is the first step for a swimming pool and allows you to bathe while respecting nature. In addition, there are magnificent ones made entirely of wood for a real Tuscan atmosphere. All you need to do is combine wood with different bricks of white stone and lemon trees to believe you are in the heart of Italy.

Whether you choose an in-ground, semi-in-ground, or above-ground swimming pool, all these backyard landscaping ideas with pools will transform your garden into a real place of relaxation. In addition, for each of these pool backyard design ideas, you will find different materials and colors that will perfectly suit the design you are looking for for your garden.

Backyard Pool Ideas

backyard pool landscape ideas

The Best Accessories to Create a Unique Atmosphere for Your Garden

The best accessories to create a unique atmosphere for your garden In the first part of this article, we introduced you to the more pragmatic aspects of knowing which types of swimming pool to choose for your garden. While this is a crucial part of integrating a swimming pool into your backyard, sometimes it lacks a little something to create an atmosphere of vacation and relaxation. In the rest of this article, we will offer you different accessories and backyard swimming pool ideas.

Baskets, Lanterns, and Large Vases: The Bohemian Atmosphere

Now that you finally have your oasis in the heart of your garden, you have to dress it up and make it unique. One of the backyard ideas with pools may be to install different accessories to transform this place into a true paradise of relaxation. For this, you can install large outdoor lanterns which will allow you to have a chihuahua style and illuminate your romantic summer nights. You can also take a large wicker basket to have linen of all colors or even a few flowers to have a fresh and fragrant atmosphere. If you want permanent lighting, you can combine the lanterns with pretty garlands which give a cozy summer atmosphere. And then the final touch to our backyard swimming pool ideas is to buy large terra cotta or ceramic vases and arrange them empty or with plants along with your pool, preferably near a wall.

backyard with pool landscaping ideas

Deckchairs and Swings: For a Relaxing Day near Your Pool

In fact, there is no swimming pool without a comfortable place to sunbathe and sip cocktails. For this, it is easy for you to find all kinds of real estate that suit the style of your garden. If you want a real place to do nothing and think only of resting, you can install a four-poster bed with a fine sheer curtain that will allow you to shade yourself. For another cool backyard pool idea, you can get an antique canopy bed made of bamboo or other tropical woods to bring the southern sun into your garden. You can also think of installing a macrame hammock to continue on a bohemian garden. Combine that with a large wooden table with numerous chairs, candles arranged on a pretty embroidered tablecloth, and a corner with Moroccan cushions and rugs and you would become an exceptional host for long summer evenings. You can also let your imagination run wild and find other backyard swimming pool ideas, such as installing parasols.

backyard with pool design ideas

In this article, we have made a selection of all the best backyard with pool landscaping ideas to have a garden to enjoy all summer long. Whether it's the practical aspects of the different accessories, we gave you our unique selection of backyard pool landscape ideas.

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