Athena Calderone Worked With Beni on the Imperfect Moroccan Rug Collection

Athena Calderone Worked With Beni on the Imperfect Moroccan Rug Collection

Creating a Moroccan rug collection, Athena Calderone and Beni didn't try to reach an ideal. Instead, the designers wanted their joint creation to be imperfect with broken symmetry.

Moroccan rug collection

Inspired by the irregular patterns, Calderone’s line features geometric designs that explore the breaking of the rhythm and harmony. For example, on one side of the rug, we can see the parallel lines, while the other part doesn't have any at all. Another rug has differently shaped rectangles, and a third is decorated in opposite rows of squares. Every design features a different tone of color schemes that range from taupes to a desert rose. The prices for items start at over 600 dollars for a mat.

Calderone also honors the workmanship of female weavers, who make each rug by hand in a studio located twenty minutes away from Marrakesh. 

Athena Calderone and Beni collection

Exactly the imperfections during the process make Broken Symmetry so beautiful and authentic. The collection is already available for purchase online.

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