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An Asian garden design - what is it? A Zen garden or rock garden is the art of creating a relaxing Asian landscape on your property. In order to keep it minimalistic, you will have to always keep everything under control with the help of daily garden maintenance. True, the garden can be made unpretentious if you choose the right plants and other design elements.

The art of the East attracts the special attention of landscape designers for its exoticism and uniqueness.

The originality of the Chinese style is explained by the fact that its formation took place in isolation and under the influence of philosophical teachings. The asian gardens designs are the result of the simultaneous influence of Buddhism and Taoism. It embodies the desire to reproduce in miniature landscapes inherent in the surrounding nature.

It is a landscaped garden characterized by a natural layout. Communication with nature helped to form a deep inner peace and tranquility, the value of which was preached by the great thinkers of the past Confucius and Lao Tzu. Oriental Landscape: 20 Asian Gardens That Offer a Tranquil Green Haven

Asians Gardens Principles

Oriental gardens in China were created so that a person could fully feel himself a part of nature, one of its manifestations. In this isolated world, not only the body but also the soul should have rest. Merging with nature was achieved through meditation, walking in the morning and evening hours, gazing at the moon. Such a garden is beautiful in any weather.

Three fundamental principles that are used in the creation of Chinese gardens:

  1. The garden is the embodiment of Nature, therefore spontaneity in it should prevail over the obviousness and geometric correctness of forms.
  2. The owner of the Asian courtyard embodies the forces of Nature, defining the place of symbolic images in his own self-sufficient microverse.
  3. The illusion of the closedness of the microcosm is achieved by the use of a multifaceted perspective and the effect of folded space, when winding paths and bridges make a person go from one part of the garden to another longer than necessary. Essential Elements of Japanese Garden Design

Components of an Asian Garden

Components of an Asian Garden

Top Asian garden ideas in Zen design include:

  • an area covered with gravel with beautiful patterns that are created with a special rake;
  • decorative ensembles of shrubs, plants, and stones; tall trees with lush foliage;
  • a wooden terrace and panoramic windows from the living room (almost a prerequisite). Zen Gardens & Asian Garden Ideas (68 images)

Asian Garden Decor

For Zen decor, you will need primarily stone and wood elements like using Japanese deck designs. Stone turtle figurines, Asian lanterns, and decorative bamboo screens are a priority. Glass can be used in the design of the home itself. According to Feng Shui, the more of it from the garden side, the more happiness comes into the house.

How Can You Create a Garden?

Zen garden materials. It is advisable not to use plastic since according to Feng Shui it negatively affects the Qi energy in the garden and in the house.

Nevertheless, in the modern Asian water garden, plastic is already used almost everywhere. High quality and environmentally friendly, it is already considered a neutral element. The most popular materials for Zen garden design are wood and stone.

DIY Garden

For a garden with your own hands, you will need backfilling with small pebbles or decorative crushed stone - for a small garden, as well as shrubs, trees, and plants - for a large garden. Paths are made using decorative crushed stone.

On the foundations for sites, backfilling with construction crushed stone, sand is used, sometimes a foundation is also created. The total final cost of such a garden is about 2 times lower than a garden from professionals with a terrace-lawn-flower bed, etc.

Garden From Professionals

An Asian-themed garden by professionals costs much more. Usually, luxury materials are used here for paving, decoration, decor, and flower beds, and the most beautiful stones are brought, which are really expensive.

The terrace is made either from natural hardwood or from thermowood, which is also more expensive. Therefore, an Asian-themed backyard is more expensive and also includes the work of professionals.

Asian Design Inspiration for Your Backyard

Asian Style Garden Plants

Asian Style Garden Plants


When choosing asian garden plants, you need to not only look back at the feng shui traditions but also at your climate. So, only the decor can be bamboo, but apple trees, plums, lilacs, cherries can be permanent residents in your garden. Pines, orange, and lemon trees are popular. Japanese larch, thuja, Korean fir will look good. Trees in a rock garden play a very important role in creating perspectives, so it is very important to perceive them as part of the “interior” of your garden and think about how they will look from the windows and from the terrace.


Hydrangea, magnolia and jasmine top the list of the best Asian-style garden shrubs. Camellias, junipers, and quince will help you in arranging your garden. Shrubs are an essential part of the garden and there are a huge variety of suitable ones, just look at their appearance and use them wherever you need them. For example, even peonies can be added to a Zen garden if you choose a rich scarlet (or burgundy) or white, and they stand surrounded by greenery rather than other flowers.


Also popular are irises, orchids (put at home), lotuses, daffodils (almost required), and chrysanthemums. In principle, all delicate, not very bright plants are ideal for decorating your garden. Flowers are not the main part of the garden, most of them is shrubs, trees, grasses. It is very important that the flowers are not planted in one place, but peep here and there because of the dense greenery.

Additional Plants and Herbs

Also, you will need plants for asian garden designs such as fescue, miscanthus, and feather grass for decoration. And in the shady corners, ferns will look great.

Tips for Creating and Maintaining a Garden

Tips for Creating and Maintaining a Garden
  • In perfect condition, a Zen garden requires constant monotonous work, which is no punishment at all, but meditation. The correct feng shui lifestyle prescribes about three hours of gardening a week, which is more than enough for most of the things you need to do. True, you cannot postpone everything for a weekend or one day, these three hours must be divided between all days of the week, otherwise, you are building a Zen-style garden too.
  • In a large bowl or flowerpot, you can also make yourself a Zen-style oriental landscape. You will need river pebbles, small stones (almost powder), large stones, and miniature plants.
  • Large cobblestones can create slides (not rockeries!), You can add Buddha figurines, beautiful wooden or stone houses (sculptures), a pond with terraces, unusual Asian arches, and bridges, a dry stream.

Now we are confident that you understand that feng shui is an art that proclaims a quiet, harmonious life with love for nature. The size of the asian rock garden, in this case, does not matter - whether it is 4 or 400 sq. meters - Zen style is ideal for any option.
Using the Bagua grid, you can beautifully divide your garden into 9 zones that will be most effective. And using the theory of 5 elements of small asian garden ideas: water, air, stone, fire, and metal, is suitable for choosing the right materials for decorating your garden or front garden.

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