Asian Design: How to Bring It Home

Asian design is intricate, beautiful, and detailed. The atmosphere it creates is calming. Using cultural references and influences will make your home stand out from the rest. These Asian decorating ideas will help you incorporate some unique elements and pay homage to the Asian culture in your own way! Here are twenty ways to bring this style home.

Asian Home Decor Ideas You’ll Adore

chinese house decorations

Serene Colours

When approaching this style you will want to stick to tones that are far from overpowering. Steer clear of bright colors and opt for nudes, pastels, and earthy tones. This will enhance your Asian home design.


In Asian style homes, lighting fixtures should be centered. They should also have a large, interesting shape and radiate warm lighting.

Find Balance

This is an integral element of Asian home design. Try to balance the location of furniture, artwork, and colors in your space. Nothing should feel out of place or cluttered. Create a strategic separation to allow your room to breathe and be seen.


Using different textures will assist with the balance. Incorporate soft and rough elements in your Asian style home. The same goes for dark and light, linear and curved, and so on. You’ll truly get the best of both worlds.

Low Seating

oriental style house

This element is a classic. Consider low to the floor seating in both your kitchen and living room. You can go for a low stool or even a pillow on the floor. This idea is traditional in places like Japan. This makes for an intimate experience and will complete your Asian style house.

Pops of Colour

Subtle pops of colour are a staple in Chinese room decor. This Asian style decorating idea will complete your oriental style house. A Mondrian-like art piece or funky vase will accomplish this design strategy. Popular colours used are red, yellow, and blue. Remember with these colour pops, less is more.


Large rugs are a staple in Asian house designs. They add a level of drama and open up space. Find a rug that fits the calm and serene palette we discussed. Also, consider a rug with texture.


Adding natural wood grain is luxurious and sleek. One of our favorite Asian home decor ideas is adding this wooden feature in the bathroom. This natural element not only looks amazing but exudes calm. Even your bowel movements will feel serene with this addition!

Vaulted Ceilings

If you are lucky enough to have these high and luxurious ceilings, show them off. Compliment them with stunning lighting fixtures that will provide even more depth.

Marble Floor

This flooring is where modern and Chinese house decorations meet. This stunning element will keep with the natural and calming theme you are setting. It will look sleek and open up your rooms. This flooring is the height of luxury.

Gold Accents

One of the best Chinese decor ideas. Adding gold will help the place feel classy and clean. Consider adding a vase with a hint of gold or gold legs on a coffee table. Keep these metallic accents minimal or they will draw the calm out of your space. A little gold never hurt anybody.

Wide Lamps

A statement lamp is never a bad idea. Choose a shade that is neutral in colour and wide in its shape. This widening quality will do wonders for creating a spacious living room.

Sleek Leather

A structured and simple leather couch will do wonders for your living room. This is where Asian decor and modern decor make a baby. You can never go wrong with a couch like this! A medium brown will work perfectly.


For these plushy details, go for a neutral palette. Beiges and greys will blend in softly with the rest of your living space or Chinese bedroom decorations.

Natural Light

If you have windows, don’t block them. Keep your blinds and curtains minimal so you have the option to let all of that glorious light in. Natural light will give your design the best spotlight.

A Hint of Blush

Another unreal colour pop idea is blush. It is neutral enough to maintain a peaceful vibe whilst being playful. A perfect balance.

Minimal Nick Nacks

asian home decor ideas

Keep the little decorations minimal to allow the bigger pieces like furniture, art, and light fixtures to shine. Asian design is about what is necessary and clutter cannot be present. Less is more. Narrow your decor down to a few of your favorite pieces and stop there.


If zen is your goal plants will get you there. Incorporate a few plants in each room. Choose them wisely based on size and light exposure per room. Nature can do wonders for your mental health and also makes an amazing decor element.

Mid Century

Midcentury elements actually compliment Asian design. This is due to their shared simplicity in design and emphasis on pure function. Feel free to combine the two in the bedroom or house decor.

White Wood

Incorporating white wood in furniture or on a wall is an amazing idea. Get your hands on some if you are able!

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