Art Deco Kitchen Design: Luxury of Your House

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The kitchen of each mistress is a special place and it can tell you a lot about her. The design, furniture, cleanliness together with the scents, that come from this sacred place, create the atmosphere of all the house and microclimate in the family.

What do you think the Art Deco style kitchen can tell about the owner? Before answering, we need to understand what this style represents in art. Art Deco is the chic style of European capitals

Art Deco has other names such as "abstract modern", "jazz modern" or "zig-zag modern". The most appropriate synonyms that can characterize this style are chic, luxury, showiness, elegant. To understand it better you can watch the movie "Great Gatsby" (if you haven’t seen it yet) and you will immediately understand the essence of this posh style.

Features of Art Deco Style

kitchen art deco

Art Deco is the exact opposite of minimalism. This is the style of Hollywood movies of the last centuries. It harmoniously combines the primitivism and exoticism of Eastern countries. The interior with Art Deco style is characterized by different shapes of objects: waves, zig-zags, mythical creatures (swans, lions, and dragons), and silhouettes of beautiful ladies.

The owners of the house in the Art Deco style combine the most expensive things, antique statuettes, pearls, diamonds, ivory, and snakeskin. People who decorate their apartments in this style have good taste.

Features of Art Deco Style

  • Forget about low-quality materials. Cheap alternatives will ruin the general appearance and style of philosophy.
  • Copper handles, frames, symmetrical lines, geometric patterns (on the floor, on windows) help to create the same stylistics of an interior.
  • The main accent of the Art Deco style kitchen is the contrasts and knots. There are maybe some decorative objects or it can be presented in fragments (beautiful pattern on tiles, spectacular large chandelier, and marble worktop).
  • You should define clearly and mark the cooking and the dining area. You can zonate the area with decor or finishing on the wall or with tiles on the floor.
  • Use a variety of beautiful lighting fixtures and luxurious chandeliers to illuminate the entire kitchen or a separate area.

Types of Art Deco Kitchens

art deco style for kitchen

The Angular Kitchen

The size of the kitchen is not important here. The angular kitchen can be made both on a large quadrature and on a small one. The main attribute of such a kitchen is a bar which can be an additional work surface. Very often the angular kitchens are equipped with pendant lockers to save space and functionality.

If you have a small angular kitchen, you should design it in light shades with the addition of wooden elements. You can place a beautiful vase with flowers or fruit. Another option is authentic jugs or vessels with ancient oriental or Egyptian ornaments.

Design of Small Art Deco Style Kitchen

Often small kitchens are combined with the living room. This is how the working and dining areas are separated from the storage system. You can use a mirror and glossy surfaces they’ll look impressive in a small square. Beige, milky, creams are the appropriate colors and shades for an Art Deco kitchen.

It is also important not to burden the interior of a small kitchen with different decorations. One bright accent will be enough.

Design of Small Art Deco Style Kitchen

Dining set - no fakes, only natural leather (jacquard) and wood, correct and strict lines of furniture must be applied here.

Contrasting colors - they should not be bright but rich such as black, white, beige, sand, silver. The color of the floor is your base, it is made in black or white usually. The rest of the interior elements create a great connotation on its background.

Kitchen walls are not an intrusive background for beautiful, shiny, and polished furniture.

And in conclusion, if you have a beautiful old piano, it's a pre-carrier chance to turn your kitchen into a benchmark in the jazz era. It is stylish and tasteful!

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