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aroma in the room

Have you ever considered that the interior of the room can be not only seen but also felt by all senses? The interiors of our homes and apartments are similar to ours. They reflect our character, habits, and preferences...

They even smell like us. Or rather, they have that smell that we like. This scent calms us down, sets us in a relaxing mood (or, conversely, a working mood), creates a certain mood for us and, of course, makes our home more attractive and cozy. The scent in the modern interior is a part of our interior design.

Candles, diffusers, perfume paper for the home - all of this is certainly not a basic necessity, but it is these little things and creates a special style and atmosphere.

It's nice to come to a house that smells of childhood memories: grandmother's cinnamon and vanilla buns, New Year's holidays with their scents of pine and oranges, fragrant jasmine soap, which your mother used to soap you every night before bed. And all these scents can be returned, just go to the store and buy the flavor that you like.

We offer to understand the varieties of perfumes for the home and at the same time choose a couple of interesting fragrances.

Previously, We Start with Perfume Psychology

What's can ruin the atmosphere in the house:

  • The fragrance should not “argue” with the room (each room has its own scent). The composition should emphasize, reveal, and complement the interior, but not oppose it in any way. So before you buy a fragrance for your home, decide which room it will "live" in and whether the smell fits the style.
  • Avoid menthol and citrus notes (such odors stimulate excessive activity). If that's not your goal, it's better to replace them with calmer notes of white flowers, lavender, warm spices.
  • Don't buy cheap flavorings. Good compositions can't cost a penny. Candles which were bought in the supermarket have, most likely, the flavor you can never wait for, though they will burn well. And different diffusers are more likely to emit too strong chemical smell.
  • The scent of the bedroom should be soft. This is a very important detail. The fragrance you have chosen for your living-room can cause you to feel unwell and sleep anxiously in the bedroom.

The Next Step - Choose a Fragrance That Will Complement the Interior of Each Room

fragrance of the room


(lemon, orange, lime, mandarin, bergamot, lemongrass)

The most perfect scent in the hallway will be the scent of citruses. There are all scents that most people like. They attract and beckon and relieve tension, but at the same time, they also stimulate appetite and increase attention.

Living room

(sandalwood, cedar, cinnamon, vanilla, apple, or mint)

material that holds scent

The place where we rest as a family and meet guests. That's why the smells in this room have to match the occasion. All these scents not only raise your mood but also create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house. The scent of coniferous trees is relaxing, while the smell of jasmine soothes and relieves tension.

Office Room

(lavender, cinnamon, clove, conifers, citrus trees, apple, cut grass)

The place to work requires concentration. The headache needs to be relieved and the mind needs to be set in the right mood. These smells will bring freshness, relieve stress, and mental fatigue to a small office space.

Bedroom Fragrance

(chamomile, mint, sandal, lemon, lavender)

how to make the room smelling good

Aromatic candlesticks with these ingredients will not only relax you but also help you to fight insomnia. You can use vanilla-scented candles, ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine to create a more romantic atmosphere.


A kitchen is a specific place, so the flavors should be special: remove unpleasant odors (lemon, lime, bergamot) and awaken appetite (coffee, chamomile, vanilla). Kitchen diffusers are most effective, but you can also prepare it by yourself. Simply throw mint or lavender, or cinnamon and cocoa beans, into the boiling water. You can break down the citrus crusts in different places, and the kitchen will be filled with the flavor of oranges, mandarins, or limes.


Bathing and relaxing is the best way to create a small spa and surround yourself with the scent of chocolate, cinnamon, and ylang-ylang. However, you may have your own preferences and favorite scents to help you relieve tension.

And one more interesting and important question: What format to choose for aromatization?

The Power of Scents

scents for the living room
  • Scenting candles - the most common format of all presented, they are suitable for use in both large and small rooms. And also can be an excellent decoration for your interior.
  • Diffusers - set of a vessel with fragrant liquid and several long wooden sticks that are inserted into the container. This format is suitable for large rooms such as living rooms and lounges.
  • The sachet is a small bag full of fragrant herbs and spices. Such things spread an extremely delicate and strong smell, so they are usually placed in drawers with clothes or behind pillows of sofas and beds.
  • Dry flowers are another way to give the room a pleasant fragrance. Dry flower compositions are usually stolen into open vases and placed on shelves.
  • Sprays and perfumes are the easiest and fastest way to give a pleasant fragrance to a room. Among the advantages - fast, persistent fragrance, the ability to control the intensity of the scent. They are suitable for absolutely any rooms.
  • Aroma lamps heat up the essential oil, which, under the influence of temperature, starts to evaporate, producing aromatic substances. They are best used in spacious rooms.

Like perfumes, home scents take time to open up. So do not wait for the immediate transformation of the room immediately after lighting a candle or spraying spirits.

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