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Cozy arbor in your garden

What can be better in the summer morning than a cup of coffee on the open air, while the sun is getting up when you spend a vacation in your cottage? Or family dinner with BBQ and vine, accompanied by the wind whispering and insects buzzing? All this is possible if you decide to make an arbor in the yard of your countryside house. What is the point to stay inside in the great summer weather?

Let’s discuss what are the best ways to organize the fancy arbor in your place.

Wooden Arbor

This is a very apposite material for this purpose. The gazebo, made of wood is light and easy to build. But prior to build it you have to provide a secure and durable background.

The main advantage of this type of arbors – they start looking better after affecting of sun, wind, and water. Wood processed by time looks more noble and aristocratic.

Metal Arbor

Needs to be done on the proper concrete background with a metal pole, fixed in it. Can have plenty of modifications and types. You can make light and open as a summer case and also can insulate it, turning it into a little BBQ-house for cold seasons.

Brick or Stone Gazebo

This type can be also considered as a little house, as they are already durable constructions.

Do not forget that everything that is in your yard must be a part of common style and idea, so it must be made in the same manner.

Decorate your arbor with flowers in the fancy flower pots and benches with cozy pillows. Glamorous touch can be also added with backlighting. Use the led-stripes, lanterns, and nice candles to create a romantic atmosphere for the evening time.

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