Apartments From the Movie House of Gucci Are Already Available for Rent

The ‘House of Gucci’ Luxury Estate Will Be Available to Book on Airbnb
The ‘House of Gucci’ Luxury Estate Will Be Available to Book on Airbnb

We have good news for all the fans of the movie House of Gucci. Now, you have a great opportunity to escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of luxurious life for at least a couple of hours! Meet the intriguing offer from Airbnb and experience the luxury life. Villa Balbiano is now available for booking in March.

A majestic 16th-century palace with lush gardens, Baroque frescoes, and richly decorated gilded interiors, sits on the shores of Lake Como. In the 18th century, Cardinal Durini lived here, who collected a large collection of works of art and bought additional plots of land, on which many buildings appeared, including a church.

The apartment is filled with antique furniture purchased at Sotheby's and Christie's auctions. All rooms are decorated with crystal chandeliers, marble bathrooms, and velvet furnishings in precious stones. Frescoes from the 17th century by Baroque artists have survived to this day. Today, the home is complemented by an outdoor pool, boathouse, and private dock.

In the film, it was the home of the patriarch of the Gucci family, Aldo Gucci. Guests will have access to the first three floors of the house, which can be reached by a private lift. Villa reservations will open on Monday 6 December. And it will be possible to remove it only for one specific date- March 30.

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