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Who doesn't own an IKEA piece of furniture at home? Since its arrival on the market, IKEA has become worldwide famous and has been able to please all generations in all countries. No matter which apartment you enter, chances are you'll find products from IKEA there. This low-cost interior design brand has become the most popular new place to buy furniture.

Whether you are a student who has just moved into your new roommate, a couple looking forward to your future children, or senior citizens looking for something new, IKEA will likely have what you need to fulfill your interior design. The first part of this article will introduce you to the brand in its entirety from when was IKEA founded, where was IKEA founded so you can understand why is IKEA so popular. We will talk about the most important IKEA facts for you to discover a popular brand with a new perspective.

About IKEA history

The founder of the low-cost furniture giant is Ingvar Kamprad. If you have ever wonder where is IKEA from, the particular name of its owner might give you a hint. Indeed, originally from Sweden, Ingvar Kamprad founded its first IKEA in 1943.

The meaning of IKEA is a fours letter acronym. The letter I come from his first name Invar. Letter K is the first letter of his last name. The letter E comes from Elmtaryd which was the farm where he was born. Eventually the letter A for Agunnaryd the village in which he grew up. The name of the Swedish furniture brand is inspired by and fully represents its founder Ingvar Kamprad.

Since the IKEA company history, the Swedish furniture giant made a turnover of 28 billion which has been bequeathed to the three children of Ingvar Kamprad. For IKEA fun facts, the brand has had such a worldwide success that in Sweden it has a museum entirely devoted to its furniture and its developments.

What is IKEA?

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IKEA is a renowned design brand currently known worldwide and this mainly for the price of the products it offers. This brand is considered the world number one for low-cost kit furniture. Indeed, Ingvar Kamprad had one main motto: “No effort should be spared to keep prices low. This motto is still one of the main brands today and can be found in the employee training manual.

IKEA presents itself under the uncluttered and universal architecture of a gigantic warehouse generally bearing the colors of the brand; blue and yellow. Once entered, you will find a route that will show you the directions to take to navigate the store while discovering all the products that the store offers you. Indeed, IKEA specializes in interior furniture but also offers kitchen and bathroom accessories, as well as more original interior decorations such as pictures and plants.

This store operates with a self-service system, which means that it is up to you to collect your furniture not yet built directly from the store's stocks. You will then need to bring it home to be able to move on to the next step, building the furniture.

You can have your furniture delivered as well as have them built, but this is an additional charge. This is also a specific element in the design world that normally provides a full service. It's also a way for IKEA to lower its prices and make the brand accessible to more people.

What Is IKEA Known For?

what is ikea known for

The brand manages to keep its prices low mainly through its optimization in product design, transport, storage, and packaging. Everything is designed so that there is no loss following a careful chain of the organization. It offers functional objects and in a modern design that would also be easy to assemble and disassemble when moving or for transport. IKEA furniture is not necessarily famous for its originality because it is often produced as a mass. On the other hand, the brand offers products that will be practical and easily accessible financially.

For a long period of time, where are IKEA products made was a question without a specific answer. Nowadays, we know that most of the production and manufacture of the product is made in China and other Asian countries even if most of their design comes from Sweden.

What Is IKEA Furniture Made Of?

Most IKEA furniture is made from chipboard which is a mixture of wood fiber and collars. This means that IKEA furniture is often the result of a mixture of waste wood and not of pure wood itself. This would result in weakening the strength of the furniture and its longevity.

The leftover wood used usually comes from pine, birch, spruce, or acacia. Obviously, this mainly concerns living room furniture such as bedside tables or bed frames. As for kitchen furniture, they are mainly made of inox, iron, and combined with plastic. Note that IKEA generally has several price ranges. Furniture using better materials will normally have higher prices. In addition, since several ecological critics, IKEA has decided to rethink its wood consumption in order to limit the climatic consequences of their products.

What Does IKEA Sell?

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IKEA sells furniture that has been designed in Sweden. if you take the time to explore IKEA you will be surprised by the diversity as well as the number of product models it offers. For every room in your home, IKEA has everything you need to furnish it, including accessories such as rugs, light bulbs, plates, or even kitchen utensils.

A very renowned fact about IKEA is the particular name they use for their furniture. Indeed, IKEA maintains the original Swedish name of their product even if the shop is based in another country. This has become a joke often linked to the brand because of the difficulty of pronunciation and reading the name of its products.

In this article, we gave you all the important facts about IKEA from when did IKEA start, where did IKEA start to what it became today. You’ll never go to their shop not knowing what you are really entering in.

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