Alf Celebrates 70 Years of Working on the Design of the High-Quality Furniture

ALF Celebrates 70 Years of Working on the Design of the High-Quality Furniture

Over ALF's 70-year history, the Italian company has become globally associated with the high-quality design brand. The company offers a wide range of the most comfortable beds, along with sculptural coaches, tables, and chairs. And all the furnishing designs harmoniously suit any space as well as fit the customer's needs.

The ALF GROUP's history dates back to 1951 when a group of skilled woodworkers decided to settle a cooperative in the northeast part of Italy. Starting from the early 1960s, the brand began flourishing and the increased desires of consumers influenced the production too.

The business has always run like a family where every worker is valuable and every product makes them proud. And ALF DAFRE still follows these values that are based on Italian quality and traditions.

Today, the brand offers not only solutions for the living area, but also kitchen and bedroom designs. The harmonious furniture is suitable for multiple spaces, as well as styles and designs and corresponds to the needs of modern lifestyles.

Talking about the quality, materials, design, service, and other stages are chosen precisely. The company numbers more than 380 employees of crafters and managers who use the latest innovative technology.

The sculptural and comfortable bed which will debut at supersalone can be completely disassembled. In such a way, environmentally-friendly elements can be removed, repaired, and recycled.

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