Alex Willcock Lives in Kemps House Built in the 1660s, Located in West Sussex

Alex Willcock

Alex Willcock, a British designer, and businessman is famed due to his attitude to the company Maker&Son. The man created it in collaboration with his son. And now he shocked the public by claiming that for some time the man and his whole family lived in the house that was built in the 1660s. Furthermore, the inventor supports farming. There are a lot of chickens, ducks, geese, and even a guinea pig.

Kemps House Built in the 1660s

The building is located in West Success and is Grade II listed country house. The Camps House is full of beautiful furniture and paints. And it's no surprise, the man created a company that specialized in it. If you search the information about the home, you will catch yourself in the mind that everything is very familiar. And it is true. A big part of all Maker&Son`s products was shooted there.

Kemps House 1660s

Alex explained that it was love at first sight. He came inside and his heart started beating strongly. The proportions of rooms are unusual, exactly the living room has five entrances. And the main dignity of the house is stairs. It is hard to imagine how many feet went down it.

1660s House design

"This building will always give bright emotions to my children. From the candlelight due to the power outage in winter to the flowers smell in summer", Willcock said.

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