Adele Bought a House From Sylvester Stallone That Is Located in Los Angeles

adele mansion

The popular British singer Adele has finally acquired her own property in Los Angeles, where she has been living for a long time. It is reported that earlier, this mansion belonged to Sylvester Stallone.

The Hollywood actor decided to sell the house a long time ago, but it was officially put up for sale only last year. Stallone initially asked for 110 million dollars for his incredibly huge mansion. It was not possible to sell the dwelling for such a price, because it was clearly overstated. Adele bought the home for 58 million dollars and now owns the property.

This huge 150,000-square-foot mansion is located at the end of a private area in Los Angeles. A huge number of celebrities live here, so Adele's closest neighbors have become: Justin and Haley Bieber.

Now, at the disposal of the singer: 6 huge bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 3 master bedrooms with a bathroom in one room, as well as two small rooms for the staff.

Moreover, this house is distinguished by unusual rooms, which are not found in all mansions. For example, Adele now has a personal spa, a cigar room, a luxury cinema, an art studio.

The territory of the estate also has everything for a comfortable stay. There is a huge pool, a garage that can accommodate 8 cars, a large two-story guest house with its own bathroom and kitchen.

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