A New Universal Tableware Collection. The Small Details Have a Huge Sense

tavola tableware collection

Skye McAlpine is a talented Venice chef and blogger. She runs her own flavor blog, From My Dining Table, in which she shares recipes with her followers. And her Instagram account is just a visual delight! Getting there you see beautiful, well-composed photos of delicious ingredients and foods that will surely whet your appetite. For Skye McAlpine, food is much more than just fuel.

Universal Tableware Collection

Food evokes memories and nostalgia, it is the most direct way to communicate with those around us. The author of two bestselling cookbooks, A Table in Venice and A Table for Friends, which celebrate the art of home cooking and the joy of meeting loved ones at the table. In November Skye firstly try herself in the release of a tableware collection, named Tavola or Table in Italian. It`s the universal line and the price ranges from $32 to $165.

Skye McAlpine tableware

The majority of the author`s childhood memories remained at the table. "When I was growing up, our dining table was the center of our lives," remembers the woman. "My parents adhered to the open kitchen policy, so friends, relatives always came to us for lunch or for dinner. It contributed to my current attitude towards food and the way it brings people sitting next to each other. My mother always shows by her example how much is it important to set the table beautifully. And of course, it affected me!" The main theme in Tavola`s collection- the beauty in the details. Even the smallest honey pots make a huge sense. McAlpine already works hard at planning a second-line launch next year!

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