A New Modern Minimalist Bookshelf That Keeps Only One Book by Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo

The Japanese design studio Nendo has developed a minimalistic bookshelf the size of a standard book. Therefore it can hold only one item. The creators used the metal in the basics. So, the invention has a form of a flat metal box, established on a circular footing. Also, it has a special place for storage, which is united with the base by a long aluminum metal tube.

minimalistic bookshelf Nendo

There are three different shapes of the bookshelves. Besides the book, you can also keep your smartphone, favorite magazine, documents, and much more. You can purchase a vertical or horizontal stand. The first one allows you to insert your things from the side or the top. And the other one has a form of a small table.

We especially think it is a cool invention for modern people and those who follow the new trends. The special bookshelf fits perfectly in any interior and creates an atmosphere. The main thing that we can guarantee is the delighted faces of your guests. It is not an ordinary piece of furniture.

Bookshelf That Keeps Only One Book

Books always played a big role in our lives. From education to a romantic pastime with an awesome novel. Maybe it is time to take care of them? Keeping the right is a pledge of a long service!

What do you think about the creation? Share your impressions below!

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