A Miniature Radio “La Moderna” Looks More Like Something From Home Textiles

The modern world seeks to increasingly introduce hidden technologies into the home space, which is seen in both product and interior design. It is always much more interesting to use devices that hide their true intent behind a sophisticated design.

Miniature Radio for home

Today we will talk about a miniature radio La Moderna, more reminiscent of something from home textiles.

At first glance, you can't even tell that this decorative object with certain copper inserts is a real radio receiver. The only thing that gives out the amazing analog of radio is the speaker, established under the performative surface.

The design of the modern radio analog allows users to catch frequencies

by manipulating four narrow rods protruding from the interface, which completely contradicts the modern aesthetics of the gadget.

La Moderna radio analogue

The invention is presented in the shape of an elegant cube. The rest of the details and functions of the connected radio were excluded, which added a certain aesthetics to the original device, with the task of proving that modern technologies can harmoniously merge with the home interior.

There are two variants of La Moderna: one can be situated horizontally, to make the interface more visible and available in placement on a table and any other flat surface. Now it can be acquired in two colors: white and coral.

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