8 Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Will Refresh Your Living Space

Coffee tables are a staple in any living room. They are a convenient place to kick your feet up and a perfect way to showcase your own personal home style. By adding these few simple details, you can elevate your entire space to the next level!

How to Decorate and Style a Coffee Table

First, choose an approach that suits you and your layout. Take a look at your living room. What is your color palette like? Does your space embody a sleek, minimalist, or eclectic vibe? Do you want your coffee table to feel like home or make a statement? All these questions will help you achieve a look that suits your home effortlessly.

Ideas to Try at Home Now

Beachy Vibes

beach living room

Do you ever wish you could wake up to the beach every day? This is a way you can bring the beach home to you! Incorporate shades of light blue, sandy cream, and crisp white to enhance a sense of calm and relaxation. A carefully placed woven basket filled with books will make the place feel like home. A jar of arranged seashells will help you hear the ocean from your living room. Consider scattering a starfish or two to take your sealike spread to the next level!

Make it Modern

Sleek lines and shapes will keep your table looking beautiful and tidy. Keep your table shape simple, for example, a clean square coffee table. Choose one or two staple items to accomplish a minimalist vibe. A funky vase with a stack of books or a single plant will do the trick. Arrange the items you choose in a way that leaves space and creates sharp angles. Sometimes less is more!

Add a Rug

Rugs are a great way to make your coffee table feel cozier and create layers in the space. Center your rug beneath your coffee table and in line with the seating surrounding it. Contrast your table decor. If your table is simple, add a pop of color or pattern below, and if your table is busy keep the rug neutral. Adding this element will make your living space feel more comfortable and stylish.

Eclectic and Artsy Feels

Time to get in touch with your inner whimsy. If you want your living space to feel personal or vintage, this is the vibe for you. Try using a beloved photo in a stylish frame, stacks of books in random shapes and colors, and vintage trays filled with keys or other household items you need. Some pretty coasters will top this look off and keep your table free of rings! Arrange these items in a way that feels fun and natural.

Pops of Green and Floral

table with plants

Plants are currently one of the hottest decor trends out there! They are a simple way to bring life to any space. Succulents are easy to maintain and a great option for coffee table styling. Stack them on books or scatter them on a table for a fresh look. Also, consider keeping a vase on the table ready to fill with flowers. Get them fresh or dried depending on your desired look. This is an amazing way to brighten your space!

Repurpose Jars

Take used jars and give them a new purpose by placing them on your coffee table as a unique display. First, give them a good rinse and remove any existing unwanted labels. Then, fill these jars with anything from seashells, beads, fairy lights, or flowers. This idea is both environmentally and cost-friendly. It is a unique way to decorate without breaking the bank. What’s not to love about that?

Bursts of Colour

A pop of color can brighten your day and make any table come alive! Choose any color from the rainbow and incorporate it sparingly through flowers, trinkets, or other items. A few bright pieces will draw the eye and keep your table feeling fresh and fun. Switch this color pop out often for an easy new look!

Paint Your Table New

Painting is a great way to upcycle a table that is no longer doing the trick. Take that table outside and revive it using the color of your dreams! Anything from sleek white to an eye-catching yellow. This is a great way to save money and the planet. So grab a can of spray paint and give that table the makeover it needs!

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