5 Ways to Decorate the Windowsill


A panoramic window or a bay window, a window-sill bed, a window with a view or an insulated loggia - in many cases, instead of the standard option, you can arrange a reading place or a stove bench, place a berth, a corner for rest or additional seating. Let’s see the options of how designers and architects do it.

  • Usually, they put an armchair in the bay window in the living room, but this is not the most practical way to organize the space. You can put a real sofa on the podium just right in front of the window. Heating radiators remained in the same place. To ensure that the system is well ventilated, holes to be cut off in the surface.
  • Use the space in front of the window for placing there a countertop. It can be the full length of the window and approximately 60-70 centimeters wide. Here you can place some of the kitchen equipment in preliminary the electrical socket is made in the slope.
  • Create a working place instead of a regular windowsill. The same idea as in the previous case, but this can be implemented even in the bedroom. Keep here your stuff for the handmade or another hobby, place your books and computer, a lamp to light it up in the evening.
  • Organize the cabinet under and bring together its surface and the windowsill. So basically you a huge space on top to place décor and flowers.
  • Extend the windowsill inside of the room and turn it into a comfortable sitting place. Place some pillows and fur to create an atmosphere of comfort.
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