5 Materials That Make the Interior Looking Posh

expensive materials for interior

The finishing material plays a far not the secondary role in the interior design. After all, if we do not want to redo the repair every couple of years, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality expensive materials once. In this article, we will go through the advantages and features of today's expensive textures.


Marble in the interior is associated with luxury and wealth from ancient times when temples and palaces were faced with it. However, the matter is not only in its aesthetically attractive appearance but also in excellent quality.

The marble is strong and durable (its service life is at least 50 years), and its moisture resistance allows you to safely use it as a floor covering in a bathroom or pool. It is also used in public places (theaters, shopping centers, etc.) and in the corridors of residential premises – wherever a large number of people pass.

The material withstands shocks of different strengths, and the ability to not conduct current makes it possible to install equipment on the floor without problems.

Wooden Slabs

Slabs have become especially popular in interior design over the past few years, along with the development of eco-design and the desire of more and more people to switch to natural materials. These are wooden wall panels from which tables and countertops, chairs, and even window sills are made. The main thing that is appreciated in slabs is their original lines, especially where the pillar has a natural curve.


This is a tree of valuable species to produce the furniture and flooring of. The older the tree is the more expensive the floor covering can be made of it. The teak does not decay and does not collapse due to moisture or mechanical damage and is environmentally friendly. It is often used as a coating in the bathroom since after processing with oils it also becomes non-slip.

Slate Tiles

Natural stone has always imparted nobility to the interior because slate is an excellent decoration option for those who want to emphasize the status in the interior.

The material is durable and environmentally friendly, it also has water-repellent characteristics and is not affected by temperature and ultraviolet radiation. Slate is suitable for decorating walls and floors, as well as for decorating a staircase or fireplace.

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