26 Home Bar Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Space

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In 2020, there is no better time to have a home bar on hand. With restaurants being closed or too close for comfort, setting up an unwinding zone in your crib is essential. When you can’t go out, bring the fun to you. These home bar ideas will help you transform your home into a chill zone or party for one whenever you need it. Adults only!

Benefits of a Home Bar


Forget the trouble of getting ready or finding an Uber. These home bar designs will make a fun night easy. The best part is, it is only a few steps away!


Going out for drinks can be fun, but boy is it ever expensive. Learning to make your own drinks and bringing the party to you will save you a ton of cash long term. Not to mention you’ll get great at making cocktails.

Pays Off

The initial price of installing the bar may be steep, however, the value of your house will increase with this new element. Home bars are all the rage and will serve as a great selling point if you decide to move sometime down the road.

Stylish Addition

Home bars look sleek and classy in all homes. You can choose any style from our bar ideas for the home that suits you. Hello, adulting!

How to Make a Home Bar Perfect

When designing your bar, remember these quick tips!

  • Choose a good spot. For example, the basement or off the living room or kitchen. You’ll want it to be easy to access and make a statement, so position it strategically.
  • Keep it Clean. If you want your home to resemble your favorite nightspot, keep it tidy. The simpler the better.
  • Storage. Make sure you have room to store alcohol properly, glasses, and other accessories.
  • Choose the right home bar furniture. You’ll want a place for your guests to enjoy their drinks. Stools work great.

Homemade Bar Ideas

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You’ll be running to thank us after incorporating these house bar ideas!

Mirrored Wine Bar Fridges

Our first and one of our favorite bar decor ideas is a duo fridge. The symmetry of this idea is super visually satisfying.

Funky Backsplash

If you wanna spice up your bar adding a cool backsplash will do the trick. Classic black and white or even a wild pattern will rejuvenate your home bar.

Cool Storage

These helpful bar room ideas will keep your setup looking fresh and clean. Consider adding some floating shelves above your bar.

Pops of Colour

Another amazing one of our indoor bar ideas is to throw in a bright pillow, wine glasses, or bottles to keep the bar more playful.

Leather Accents

This material looks super grown-up and classy in a bar. Leather stools are a classic bar staple and will make the interior of your bar design.

Paint a Mural

house bar design

If you’re an artist get painting and if not hire a professional. A mural is a great contemporary addition to the wall behind your bar.

Wooden Bar

For a streamlined look, keep your whole bar's interior design natural with a wood finish. Wooden coasters, live edge counters, wood cabinets, and solid stools will look amazing together.

Accompanied Dining

Set your bar up beside your kitchen for extra after dinner convenience. This is a great way to host and keep the party going effortlessly.

Basement Bar

Everyone has a favorite dodgy basement bar. This classic will be extra cozy in your home.

Butler's Pantry

If your home is blessed with one of these babes, take advantage. This layout makes for a great bar right in your kitchen! Dress it up with all the bar accessories and keep the decor light.

Mood Lighting

An important element of house bar design is the lighting. It can affect the whole energy of the room. Opt for a light that can dim and change color depending on your vibe. That way you can decide if you want your bar to feel romantic, chill, or like a party every weekend.

Club Style

Take inspiration from your favorite club and bring it home. Keep it sleek and sexy.

Animal Print

One of our most fun home bar decor ideas is incorporating animal print. Add a pop of cheetah, zebra, or tiger print for a funky flare. Your bar will be roaring with excitement with this addition.

Side Couch

Home bar furniture is extra important. You don’t only want to enjoy making your drink, but sipping it too. If you have space, accompany your bar with a sleek couch for your guests to relax in.

Industrial Sink

A beautiful addition to any bar is a great sink. A square stripped-down industrial sink will complement your bar beautifully. Match it with other steel accents.

Cabinet Bar

Convert your favorite cabinet into a bar. This is a great way to make use of your space and keep your bar tidy and tucked away.

Closet Bar

homemade bar ideas

If you really don’t have space, turn your extra closet into your fav minibar. This will be a fun surprise for your guests when you open the door.

Pool Table

If you want your bar to feel like the movies, add a pool table. This will be a great drinking activity. Compliment it with other retro decors.

Cool Coasters

To keep your counters quality, you’ll want a few good coasters. Choose a set that matches your theme. Go with modern, vintage, or classic pub coasters depending on your desired vibe.

Nature Inspired

Add some plants! Bars can be earthy too. Plants will make your bar feel more green, eclectic, and cozy. Go for big leafy places for added drama.

Classic Bar Cart

Everyone loves a good old’ bar cart. Wheeling out this cart will add a super cute touch to happy hour or a night with the company.

Wine Cellar

If you have the money and space a wine cellar is a stunning addition to any bar. This is the best way to store your wine.

Show Off the Collection

Good alcohol costs money, so show it off! Choose clear storage to show off your impressive booze collection.

Simple Tray

No Bar. No problem. Dedicate a fancy tray to drink serving. It will still feel extra special every time you whip it out.


Another amazing one of our home bar design ideas is adding a disco ball. You'll bring the full force club atmosphere home and dance all night long with the one you love.

Gold Accents

Gold is the epitome of class. Add gold accents all over to style up your bar.

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