20 Home Gym Ideas That Are Perfect For 2020

Home is where the heart and the gym are? If 2020 has taught us anything it is that we should be ready for any obstacle that comes our way. When gyms aren't running or are too crowded for comfort, a home gym design is essential for keeping with your routine. We know these workout room ideas will inspire you to stay fit this season!

Benefits of a Home Gym

how to design a home gym

Before you read our exercise room ideas for home, consider these benefits.


In the early stages, the cost of making your home fitness room can be quite costly. However, buying a gym membership adds up too. In the long run, a home gym will save you money. No memberships, no commuting, and no worries.


Crowded gyms are never ideal. Now more than ever, since crowds will likely put you at risk in 2020. Having your own equipment available at all times will make workouts easier. You are also way more likely to use your own gym over a membership. Often, memberships are underused and the trouble of getting to the gym is too much. You’ll love having your workout cave a few steps away.

Home Resale

The value of a home increases with the addition of a quality home gym. This idea will pay off if you are thinking of moving down the road. Cool home gyms are also an investment!

Planning: How to Design a Home Gym

exercise room ideas for home

A few questions you’ll want to consider before diving into our home gym design ideas!

  1. What is my budget?
  2. What does my workout routine require?
  3. What is the best location for my gym?

Home Workout Room Ideas

Office Duo

This is a great option if you are feeling flexible. Making a space dual purpose is one of many fantastic home gym setup ideas. If possible, combine your office space with your home gym. Dedicate one half of the room to equipment and the other to a desk area. To create a sense of continuity, keep the decor consistent. The gym and office should complement each other. Incorporate black and steel in your office furniture and decor to tie in the gym feel. This intuitive gym will encourage you to get a quick sweat in before or after your workday. Inspiring!

Bring It to the Basement

Basement gyms are always smart. They allow you to retreat to your exercise in peace, below the chaos above in your house. Privacy is ideal for a focused workout. As for basement gym designs, try to keep the layout open by setting up mirrors here and there. Keep the overhead lighting bright and warm. One of the best basement home gym ideas is to add rubber flooring. You can find tiles or mats in this material that is perfect for working out safely. You are going to love this underground oasis!

Remodel Your Garage

If you have extra space to park your cars, bikes, and tools, this home gym design idea is the one for you. A garage is an amazing place for a gym. The floors are durable, with great storage opportunities, and great ventilation. You can even crack the garage door open for those steamy summer workouts. A treadmill, bike, and weights will make great additions to your garage setup. Crank that stereo too!

Shed Gym

If you only need space for some crunches and weightlifting, a small shed will do the trick. Add some shelves for storing and rubber mats for protection and you are good to go. This shed will be a great place to retreat and reconnect to your body. Sometimes the simpler the better.

Get Climbing

basement gym designs

Gyms don’t always mean lifting weights. A creative way to workout is rock climbing. If you’re inexperienced in climbing, do your research. Adding a Rockwall to a garage or backyard is one of our most creative home exercise room ideas. Make sure you install the wall and holds it correctly and provide good ventilation. Also, consider getting a crash pad to prevent injuries. You can play around with the difficulty by changing around the holds. Slant the wall on an angle for an extra challenge. You’ll also want chalk for your hands and climbing shoes. This gym will make working out fun!

Decorate Your Gym

Exercise room decorating is essential. That home gym is all yours so it better feel like it. Add personal touches that will keep you happy and motivated during your workouts. Add some cool posters or photos that inspire you. Or even ribbons or trophies if you have them. Old jerseys or collectibles will make a cool statement framed on your wall. If you want to brighten up your home gym, add a pop of color to an accent wall.

Tv Time

If you like multi-tasking or need a distraction when burning calories a TV is the answer. This is one of the most relaxing home gym room ideas. A TV is great for mindless workouts like exhausting yourself on the treadmill. It will make this dreadful activity way more enjoyable. Mount a flatscreen television in line with where your equipment is facing. Your favorite Netflix series or news program will take your workout to new heights!


A great way to plan out your workouts is a chalkboard. This allows you to rewrite your routines in plain view. Write out your circuits and the number of reps on the board. You can buy chalk in tons of fun colors. This will keep you extra focused and on track with your exercises. It will also look super cool!


Another awesome indoor location is the attic. This will keep your gym tucked out of the way and give you some nice privacy. Make sure all insulation is properly covered and pop in a window air conditioner or a few fans to keep cool. Also, make sure the floor can withstand any heavy equipment. Once all that is said and done, you’re gonna love working out up there!

Add Furniture

Who said relaxation and workouts can’t mix? We have some home gym furniture coming your way. Consider adding elements other than equipment to spice up your space. Add a comfy leather chair in a corner to rest in between workouts. Set up a nice shelf to keep blocks or resistance bands in a tidy display. Try converting a bar cart into a table for weights and other small training equipment. Style is also important here. This furniture will make your workout room more classy!

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