Looking for Fresh, Quirky Combinations with a Purple Color Palette? Then You Hit the Target

what colors go with purple

What color is purple? Combinations of purple with other colors are usually luscious and attractive, however, in order to achieve the highest harmony, it is worth dividing the tone into shades that will combine in different ways and create the best color options.

Shades of violet are a varied palette with a blue, red tint. Their brightness is just as variable. For example, you can read about 20 colors that go with purple.

Purple Color Schemes

purple complementary color

They can be divided into the following purple color palettes:

  • pastel colors, blue-violet, white-lilac, galicin, etc;
  • lilac: lavender, lilac, violet, etc;
  • pink-purple: orchid, amethyst, cyclomine;
  • magenta: purple, blackberry, grape;
  • with a red undertone: red-violet, charoite, royal purple;
  • wine purple: plum, eggplant, purple wine;
  • medium violet: bright violet, blue violet, dark violet;
  • gray-violet: light gray-violet, brown-violet, dark gray-violet;

Violet, as a medium or dark tone, is most often involved in light shades of purple colours. There is also thermal contrast, but color resonance will still occupy a special place, since juicy combinations are the hallmark of this shade. Each shade enhances nearby colors in its own way. Best of all it succeeded in average temperate and eggplant purple, while the bright longer overshadows standing next shades, pale - looks better in low-contrast colors that go well with purple.

Purple Color Blends

purple color schemes

What colors go with purple? Purple, as a dark, rich tone, is successfully combined with many lights, bright and pale shades. Expressive purple complementary color couples will help present this cosmic color, breathing in it a different meaning, idea, and color.

  • The combination of colors that go with lavender: purple and pink - deep, expressive, and at the same time, magically feminine. Shades of pink such as Sakura, lilac, ultra pink, malzhenta, fuchsia are built on the basis of purple, they have related measles with a basic tone, which makes the combination additionally harmonious.
  • The combination of purple and red is bright, self-sufficient. It burns with a passion for the beyond. The pair has a powerful warm-cold contrast, and also has the power of a bright spot. Consider combinations with light pink, garnet, coral, ruby-burgundy, ruby.
  • The combination of violet with orange - as in the previous one: a rich contrast of warm-cold, but a light-dark, as well as a bright spot, is added to it. Even the effect of a complementary color (yellow is part of orange) does its bit, thereby making this tandem unbeatable. The palette is composed of peach, orange-coral, mango, tangerine, honey.  
  • Purple color combination with yellow. Better than orange can only be yellow, however, as a truly complimentary tone, it makes a strong impression in this combination. Yellow shades will look much more pleasant if they are devoid of sharpness, for example, sunny, saffron, amber, dark yellow, brownish-yellow.
  • Purple blends with warm shades of green to land the bass tone, giving it a vintage finish. Warm green has a predominant amount of yellow in its composition, but still, this color is colder, darker, more muted than the basic one, therefore the contrast will be moderate in all directions. The palette uses light green, chartreuse, light green, herbal, greens.
  • Purple accent color combined with cold shades of green rushes into a cool, evening scale. It enhances the feeling of time, former luxury. This pair can be either on its own or as a background for warmer shades. For example, consider couples with watercolor, menthol, jade, mint, patina color.
  • The combination of colors: purple and blue, light blue is the cosmic abyss of our fantasies and legends. These are equivalent, related tones, a pronounced contrast can only be light-dark if blue is used in combination. But despite this, the couple is self-sufficient. The gamma is composed of light blue, gray-blue, water blue, thrush egg, blue-green.
  • The combination of purple in its range will help in creating a voluminous, juicy, multifaceted single shade. Flowing into each other, the tones enliven and transform the color, making them admire again and again. Choose for the combination cyan-violet, violet, thistle, blackberry, purple.
  • The combination of purple and brown is an interesting, unexpected, and soft pair. Brown, as a derivative of orange, which, as we remember, is the ideal companion of this tone, enters with it in a warm-cold contrast, and light, light. The pair has a slight vintage bias. The range is composed of camel, cinnamon, yellow-brown, milk chocolate, and light chestnut.
  • The combination of purple with the opposite color of purple-white gives an unconditional advantage to the main color. Different tones of neutral change the depth and contrast of our tone, so with creamy, light gray, beige it becomes lighter, brighter, and gray wood and anthracite - deepen it.
  • The combination of black with purple: Black and purple, creates an energetically powerful effect that not everyone can perceive psychologically for a long time. It is advisable to dilute the combination with white and glass accessories.
  • The combination of silver with purple: Such a combination will emphasize the nobility and aristocracy of the design.
  • The combination of gold with purple: The combination of purple with gold is contrasting in all respects: as additional colors, in lightness, in warmth, however, the combination is quite rare and, moreover, usually has an additional companion in the form of red, hot pink, green colors.
  • What color goes with violet? The combination of burgundy and violet: Burgundy is a rich, deep, dark shade of red. It is quite capable of pairing with warm purple tones, especially with eggplant. This color can be successfully used to decorate bedrooms, hallways, and also, in some cases, offices. To keep the room from being too provocative and vibrant, try to “dilute” these bold colors with some neutral shades, such as pale pink, beige, gray-blue, or brown.
  • What colors go with plum? The combination of turquoise and plum: Turquoise is "related" to green and blue, which are perfectly combined with purple, which means that these two colors have the right to coexist in the same room. In addition, the turquoise color perfectly sets off the depth of purple, showing all its saturation and contrast.
  • What color goes with lilac? Combination of beige and purple:
  • Beige is a neutral color, which means it is ideal for combining with any shade of purple. The room in these colors looks very interesting and modern. At the same time, it can be safely diluted with any other tones, both related and contrasting.
  • Light purple match with what color? Combination of gray and purple: Gray color is very “calm” and it is deservedly called neutral, as it perfectly sets off other colors, “adjacent” to it, without causing dissonance and negative emotions. Gray is an amazing color because it is capable of simultaneously being dominant in the interior and at the same time not attracting attention to itself, focusing on other shades present in the room.

Color and Style in the Interior

Purple is the color most commonly used in modern and eclectic styles:

  1. Fusion;
  2. Modern;
  3. Art Deco;
  4. Pop Art;
  5. Vanguard;
  6. High tech;
  7. Kitsch.

Of the classic interiors dominated by purple, the following styles can be distinguished:

  • Oriental;
  • Victorian

Combination of Gray and Purple

Color in the interior of rooms:

Living Room

purple color palettes

What colors match purple? The living room solution in purple, silver, and white will pleasantly surprise guests. An original accent will be a dark purple floor covering in tandem with upholstered furniture of a similar color.


what color is purple

In the bedroom, it is necessary to carefully use dark purple shades, they are appropriate in curtains, pillows, bedspreads. A crystal chandelier will emphasize the special chic of color.

Children Room

colors that go with lavender

For children, a combination of delicate pastel purple room, lavender shades with warm golden-orange is recommended. A soft, high-pile carpet and a pair of bright aubergine-colored accessories will create a cozy atmosphere.


opposite color of purple

Kitchen design can be done in a combination of purple, black and white with olive accents. A black apron and a glossy blackberry-colored headset will successfully fit into the interior.


shades of purple colours

In the interior of the bathroom, it will be interesting to look at the design of one wall in a deep purple color against a background of white trim, which will visually increase the depth of the room.

Tips for Using Purple in the Interior

  1. Purple color matching looks great in a relaxation room. In such a room, you will achieve the result twice as fast as in a regular one. Violet will do all the work of controlling your breathing and heart rate for you.
  2. If you want to achieve a mystical interior, then this color is the best choice. Esoteric and creative people will feel comfortable in such an environment. The feeling of truth, inspiration will give them self-confidence.
  3. Do not decorate the office with purple. Some people find this color unpleasant because it takes them out of the realm of specifics. Others, under its influence, withdraw into themselves and look rather inhibited. It is not conducive to business.
  4. Do not decorate offices or offices in these colors. In such premises, people are reluctant to work, their concentration drops and dissatisfaction with the leadership grows.
  5. Do not decorate children's rooms in purple tones. In them, children will be lethargic, withdrawn, and parents absent-minded. The likelihood of accidents due to negligence increases. The development of children will be slowed down.
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