15 Features of “Cheap” Interior

good and bad interior design

It happens that people spend a lot of money on repairs, and in the end don’t get the desired result plus the interior looks cheap and not harmonious.

Today we're going to talk about the mistakes that can negatively affect the general perception of the interior.

Glossy and Colorful Stretch Ceiling

Poor quality stretch ceilings have a quite high level of toxicity and also look cheap. Sometimes, it is good for wet rooms: bathrooms, showers, sanitary facilities.


Today's trend is natural and eco-friendly materials (chalk whitewash, textile, water emulsion paints).


The whole interior design in one color without contrasting accents will make the environment boring, in such a room the eye just has nothing to hang on to, nothing to look at


Would be better to select one main color and match the contrasting patterns to it.


how not to decorate

A single chandelier in the middle of the ceiling has long since failed to give style to the room, and dark corners narrow the space. It especially spoils small rooms that want to expand visually.


Interesting lighting solutions will help to highlight certain interior items, the necessary areas for recreation, work, or meals, and will add stylish features to the interior. Remember, that any room needs good lighting, so there should be plenty of light.


The room cluttered with all sorts of fashion accessories looks like a museum or a mess. In addition, all these things need to be kept clean at all times, so cleaning will take a lot of effort.


Yeah, minimalism is a trend, but bigotry-free. If you have favorite interior items that you can’t give up, then you should think about how to beat them advantageously, so that the overall situation isn’t affected.

Furniture along the Walls

Breakaway from this stereotype: all furniture should be placed along the perimeter of the room along the walls, and in the center, there should be an open space in the center.


Use the arrangement of the furniture to your advantage. In this way, you can furnish your room with everything you need while achieving the desired effect.

Plenty of Curtains on the Windows

If you have hung tulle and a couple of rows of heavy curtains on your windows – our congratulations! You have collected a lot of dust and negative impressions of the guests at home.


The rollers look modern, minimalistic (folded if necessary, and becomes almost invisible). And finally - forget about the sun blinds!

Wall Tiles with Pictures

look for less home decor

Such tricks make your kitchen very cheap. The same can be said about bathroom tiles depicting the sea, flowers, islands, people, ships, etc.


The abstractions and ornaments on the wall tiles look appropriate and attractive.

Set of Furniture

If you buy furniture from one producer, the room will look like a typical page from the catalog.


Combine the furniture of different brands, or at least from different collections. The individuality of the environment will be given by the trifles made by their own hands, as well as vintage furniture and decor.

White and Plastic Window Sills

bad interior design

Don’t use plastic with horrible corners that cover the junction.


The best material for window lining is drywall with painting. Also, you can use natural stones like acrylic, quartz, or architectural concrete.

Plastic Skirting Boards with Adapters

They are an old callus for the eye of designers.


Ideal variant - high painted polymer skirting boards in laminate or door color.

Lots of Clothes in the Hallway

The entrance area is the first thing we see coming from the street. If the open hangers in the corridor crackle under the pressure of clothes and feet stumble on the heap of shoes, the situation must be corrected.


Arrange the proper storage system, which is able to “hide” all your things, because a stuffed hallway not only looks cheap, but it's also inconvenient in everyday life.

Imitation of Luxury

Also better said "No!" to arch, stucco, and plasterboard structures such luxury is not too appropriate in a small city apartment.


Just the lightness and simplicity of lines. Light high-quality plaster with a rough texture, smooth wallpaper, or ecological paint of beautiful shades, unpretentious geometric patterns helping you out.

Using LED Tapes

You need light where a person is or to point out something: floor lamp where the owner of the house is reading, the desk lamp is where he works. You need the backlight of a painting because it's interesting to look at.

And finally, an indicator of bad taste can be almost anything, if it becomes a mass phenomenon.

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